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“If we stay together as a unit and focus on that common vision of where we can get to, we will eventually get there,” says Brett Israel, here with grandfather Carl and father Jamie.

Definitely the road less travelled

Taking to organic in crops and in hogs takes trust, vision and teamwork

Reading Time: 7 minutes Brett Israel is looked upon as a young, entrepreneurial producer with one eye firmly fixed on the road ahead, while honouring and respecting those who have come before him. It can be a bit of a tightrope walk for Israel, whose family has been farming on the same concession in Wellington County for six generations. […] Read more

The yield bump from the derived lines has to be the result of backcrossing with Glycine tomentella, says Dr. Randall Nelson from the University of Illinois.

A new yield genetics

A distant soybean relative may open the door to even higher yields

Reading Time: 4 minutes For years, there’s been a concern that soybean breeding somehow lags behind that of corn, and that for some reason soybean breeders haven’t been working as hard to raise their yields as corn breeders. It’s a debate that arises primarily from comparisons of trend-line yields in corn versus soybeans in the past 30 years. And […] Read more

Sufficient amounts of dicamba remain in the sprayer tank and lines to cause damage (cupping) in soybean leaves, even after four serial rinses

Sharing the lessons learned on dicamba in soybeans

Misconceptions about the power of the technology remain, in spite of some harsh in-field realities

Reading Time: 5 minutes When Xtend soybeans were showcased at the 2015 Canada Outdoor Farm Show, there was great fanfare but also a considerable amount of caution accompanying the technology’s unveiling. Yes, it was the next in a series of herbicide-tolerant technologies, launched at a time of growing concern over glyphosate-tolerant weed species. It was believed that the newer […] Read more

It’s not possible to weather-proof soybeans but it is possible to give them every opportunity to meet their genetic potential, in spite of various stresses.

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Higher yields begin with enhanced management practices, which means continuous learning

Reading Time: 6 minutes In recent growing seasons, the disparity between corn and soybeans has been getting harder to ignore. The frustration has been getting harder to ignore too. Why can’t farmers raise their soybean yields as quickly and as reliably as their corn? There’s little debate that corn yields have advanced greatly in the past 20 years, to […] Read more

“When we sit around the board table today, everyone has a say.” – Adam Ireland, Teeswater, Ont.-area farmer.

Looking ahead to farming’s future investment

For Adam Ireland, farming means more than just growing a crop, it’s doing things the right way

Reading Time: 7 minutes These days, describing what it means to be a farmer is almost as challenging as, well, being a farmer. Part science, part art form, the job description also requires an expert understanding of agronomy, commodity markets, weather, emerging trends and technologies, consumer demand, environmental issues… the list goes on and on. And as if that’s […] Read more

Western Canada has seen a substantial expansion of soybean acres.

The wild ride in soybean markets continues

Most years offer some reasonable pricing opportunities. This winter, they may be difficult to find

Reading Time: 5 minutes From small beginnings in the deep southwest of Ontario, soybeans in 2018 have expanded across Canada in a very big way. In fact, when you commence the drive from Windsor, Ont., soybean fields dominate the landscape along the 401 corridor and into Quebec. It is the same in parts of Manitoba, with smaller acreages dotting […] Read more

The term IP is now being used more to refer to traceability of the soybean and less in its food-grade status.

The export perspective on soybeans

The window is open for producers and the trade alike, but be forewarned. As our experts tell us, not all markets provide the same opportunities for IP growers

Reading Time: 8 minutes When looking into how soybeans get traded around the world, the important thing is to keep it all in perspective. In fact, nothing is more important. But that’s not to say it’s easy. On the U.S. side, there are plenty of challenges, thanks mostly to the political upheaval of the last couple of years and […] Read more

“We have identified several soybean varieties with a potential of producing more than 50 bu./ac. marketable seed yields.” – Manjula Bandara, CDCS.

Growing soybeans in southern Alberta

Farmers would like the rotation option, but heat units are marginal and soybeans must compete with high-value irrigation crops

Reading Time: 7 minutes For some Prairie farmers, the question of whether to introduce soybeans into the rotation may seem like a no-brainer. They’re good nitrogen fixers and have proven a hit on rain-fed land in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, where soybean acreage has increased dramatically over the past decade. But if you’re a producer in Alberta, the answer is […] Read more

Students work at seeding the lysimeters by hand at the Elora Research Station.

The crop rotation effect

At last, scientists hope to explain exactly why rotations are such a good practice

Reading Time: 7 minutes It’s one thing to know the benefits of a practice, it’s another to understand the “why,” especially when it comes to biological functions where the road to understanding can be anything but simple. In cropping terms, science has known about the benefits of longer rotations for years, but not about the exact reasons why. This […] Read more

Soybean is more tolerant and resilient when it comes to early weed interference, compared to corn.

The challenge of early weeds in soybeans

A two-pass weed control strategy makes a lot of economic sense

Reading Time: 5 minutes In an ideal world, it might not matter when a field of soybeans is sprayed, or whether it’s a soil-applied or post-emergence herbicide that’s used. But this isn’t an ideal world and application timing can be very important. So is the crop. In Country Guide’s spring Corn Guide, Dr. Peter Sikkema discussed the impacts of […] Read more