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Under dry conditions, black medic growth is limited, meaning it won’t compete with field crops for nutrients.

A cover crop ‘failure,’ but the story doesn’t end there

Black medic is a soil improver, and can be a good fit in situations where nitrogen is limited

Reading Time: 3 minutes A cover crop that self-seeds year after year, grows whenever environmental conditions are right and doesn’t compete with principal crops. Sounds like a dream, but it exists: it’s called black medic. It’s been planted in Western Canada since the 1990s, but it’s not widely used, and in fact “it’s kind of a failure,” says Martin […] Read more

Nitrogen demands in corn aren’t large up to V6. Instead, it’s the placement in the root zone and concentration that are important.

Early season N applications

It’s time for a new look at an old nitrogen question

Reading Time: 4 minutes Significant debate has arisen in the past decade as researchers, agronomists, seed company representatives and farmers have tried to determine the best application methods and timing for nitrogen (N) fertilizers. The standard practice used to be to apply everything up front, mostly because it was easier to have it done all in one go at […] Read more

Thanks to Jim Lundgren, who farms at Glenora, Man., about 85 km west of Morden, for this photo of his early start to spring tillage on March 20, 2021, owing to the recent absence of snow and/or rain in the area. Not that it’s a race, but is spring fieldwork already underway where you are? If yes, feel free to snap a photo and email us at (Photo courtesy Jim Lundgren)

Manitoba soil temperatures allow for spring fertilizer

Winter ban lifted, with cautions

Reading Time: < 1 minute Farmers across Manitoba are now cleared to apply spring fertilizers including livestock manure on their fields, thanks to sufficiently warm soil temperatures, the province said Tuesday. Though the winter nutrient ban has been lifted, the province cautioned producers to “assess current weather conditions and periodically check weather forecasts” if they’re applying anytime between now and […] Read more

An ammonia and nitrogen fertilizer plant in Russia. (Saoirse_2010/iStock/Getty Images)

High fertilizer prices likely to climb more

Reading Time: 2 minutes MarketsFarm — Expect fertilizer prices to resume increasing, despite having fallen back recently. Prices began their sharp rise around the middle of December and beginning of January. “They will go higher as demand goes up at seeding time,” Mike Jubinville of MarketsFarm Pro in Winnipeg said. Jubinville reported urea prices have jumped $100 per tonne […] Read more

Plot trials that show the difference in wheat stands with 100 per cent urea versus 80 per cent using ANVOL.

New in nitrogen stabilizers

Farm options for N stabilizers are expanding with two new products

Reading Time: 5 minutes [UPDATED: Feb. 3, 2021] Fertilizers are as much a part of spring on the farm as variety selection and weed control. It’s well understood that cereals, corn and canola respond to early season fertilizer applications, and there’s a growing body of research that soybeans do too. Importantly, there’s also more evidence that the nutrients going […] Read more

Yara is seeking Norwegian government funding toward switching its Porsgrunn ammonia plant’s production process to electricity by 2026. (

Facing green push on farm, fertilizer makers look to sea for growth

Reading Time: 4 minutes Winnipeg/Oslo | Reuters — Two of the world’s biggest fertilizer producers, CF Industries and Yara International, are seeking to cash in on the green energy transition by reconfiguring ammonia plants in the U.S. and Norway to produce clean energy to power ships. The consumption of oil for transportation is one of the top contributors to […] Read more

An ammonia and nitrogen fertilizer plant in Russia. (Saoirse_2010/iStock/Getty Images)

Fertilizer use fuelling climate-warming nitrous oxide emissions, study says

Reading Time: 2 minutes London | Reuters — Rising use of nitrogen-based fertilizers is driving up global emissions of nitrous oxide, a lesser-known greenhouse gas, complicating efforts to limit climate change, scientists reported in a study on Wednesday. Most of the focus in curbing climate-warming gas emissions has focused on the most abundant, carbon dioxide, and one of the […] Read more

The researchers found that an N rate of 90 lb./ac. provided the most consistent economic returns when oat prices are between $2.50 to $3 per bushel.

Boost the N and boost the fungicide?

Study shows oat growers should make separate decisions on how much of each to apply

Reading Time: 3 minutes With the increasing demand for oats in the food market, growers these days are paying attention to both yield and quality, leading to questions about managing both nitrogen and fungicides. Does use of one affect how much you should use of the other? Not by much, according to research published this spring. Agriculture Canada crop […] Read more

A nitrogen stabilizer will benefit corn growers since it's the crop that receives the highest rates of nitrogen.

In search of better N efficiency

Next-generation nitrification stabilizers are another step in plant health, with a boost to the environment too

Reading Time: 4 minutes There was a time when farming was simple: plow the ground, plant the seed and harvest the crop. Now, farmers need to make decisions on tillage practices, crop rotations, pest management, fertility, precision ag technology, soil health, genetics and a changing climate. And just to make it that much more challenging, each decision overlaps and […] Read more