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Oil is an “imperfect barometer” for how other commodities will perform, FCC’s J.P. Gervais says. (Screengrab from Farm Credit Canada video via YouTube)

Impacts on ag expected as COVID-19 rocks markets

Farmers urged to manage expenses

Reading Time: 4 minutes Stocks continuing to plunge during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic have left agricultural producers in Canada concerned about the potential impact. Thursday marked the biggest drop in Canadian stocks in 80 years, highlighted by many economists warning the country is on the brink of recession. Beyond growing fears of COVID-19’s economic impact, oil and gas stocks […] Read more

Canola oil was Canada’s second-highest-valued export in 2016, at US$2.3 billion.  Photo: File

Reports highlight strengths, weaknesses of Canadian ag exports

Reading Time: 3 minutes Commodity News Service Canada – There is room for improvement in the Canadian agricultural export market with competition from new markets globally, according to a pair of reports released by Farm Credit Canada. The FCC Ag Economics, Trade Ranking Report: Agriculture and FCC Ag Economics, Trade Ranking Report: Manufactured Food give overviews of Canada’s global […] Read more

Already, 40 per cent of Canada’s farmland is rented, and that number continues to grow. For farmers, it’s a staggering investment in a largely unregulated and unreported market.

Farmland for rent

Too often it seems you don’t hear land is up for rent until you learn someone is already renting it

Reading Time: 7 minutes It isn’t like commercial real estate, or even like housing markets where so much information is available. If you’re interested in a house, for example, your realtor can tell you what the last six houses sold for in the same neighourhood. If you want to rent office space in downtown Calgary or Toronto, finding out […] Read more

Increased efficiency and lower debt will also aid succession, say Jan and Tracy Bassa, here with oldest son Derrick.

Focusing on efficiency in dairy production

The good old days aren’t coming back, but the Bassas believe success is still possible for farms that focus from top to bottom on efficiency

Reading Time: 5 minutes In 1991, Piet and Ina Bassa sold their dairy farm in Holland, packed up their family and headed to Canada, leaving not only Europe’s high costs but also its tough environmental regulations and manure quotas that made expansion almost impossible. Importantly, their sons, Jan and Kees, were keen to start farming, so the family bought […] Read more

Farmland prices, on average, were up 12.4 per cent and 10.1 per cent in Manitoba and Canada, respectively, says Farm Credit Canada’s chief economist J.P. Gervais. The annual rise in farmland values is slowing, but still expected to be positive in 2016 so long farm cash receipts remain stable.

Manitoba, Canadian farmland values up again in 2015

Farm Credit Canada says the annual percentage increase in farmland values is getting smaller

Reading Time: 4 minutes Manitoba farmland values led the way with the highest average percentage increase in Canada last year, says Farm Credit Canada (FCC). But the pace of increases the last few years here and across Canada is slowing in step with the plateauing of farm cash receipts, and slower drop in interest rates, J.P. Gervais, FCC’s chief […] Read more

Our farmland for sale

Our farmland for sale

The West is clamping down on foreign ownership of farmland, and even in Ontario, where there are few controls, overseas purchases are much lower than the rumour mill says

Reading Time: 5 minutes Almost every rural coffee shop has its own version of the same story. Foreigners are buying up Canadian farmland and they’re making land prices soar beyond the reach of local farmers as a result. But is it true? Maybe. But not likely. In fact, according to the people with their fingers on the pulse, such […] Read more

Farming in a troubled economy

Farming in a troubled economy

It looks like a weak dollar isn’t so good for agriculture after all

Reading Time: 5 minutes Farmers almost universally accept the premise that a drop in the Canadian dollar is bullish for our agriculture because our commodities are priced off the U.S. This increases our prices domestically and also makes us more competitive both in the U.S. and in regions where commodity transactions are made in American dollars. But is this […] Read more