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Saskatchewan, B.C. areas up for livestock tax deferrals

Reading Time: 2 minutes Livestock producers in several more parched municipalities in Saskatchewan and British Columbia will be able to defer income from sales of animals on their 2017 tax returns. The federal government on Tuesday announced its final list of designated regions for 2017, including 20 more municipalities in Saskatchewan and seven in British Columbia. The initial list, […] Read more

AgriRecovery in place for farms in B.C. wildfire zones

Reading Time: 2 minutes Farmers and ranchers whose operations were hit or evacuated during British Columbia’s particularly destructive wildfire season can expect up to $20 million in AgriRecovery funds toward repair, rebuilding and livestock feeding costs. The federal and B.C. governments on Tuesday laid out more details for the 60-40 cost-shared program, which was announced in principle in mid-August. […] Read more

Forage fed vs. corn silage in dairy cattle

Quebec researcher says that since dairy farmers are paid based on components, forage-fed cattle can outperform those fed on corn silage

Reading Time: 3 minutes Corn silage use is trending on Quebec’s large dairy farms, but Valacta’s Robert Berthiaume argues farmers who run against the herd can bulk up their bottom line with perennial forages. “If you make the best use you can of perennial forages, you can make a lot of money, at least as much or more than […] Read more

Prairie forage crops perk up with precipitation

Reading Time: 2 minutes CNS Canada — It’s been a slow start for forage crops growing across the Prairies, but the much-needed precipitation is better late than never. “The rain has been a huge help,” said Karin Lindquist, forage specialist with Alberta’s Ag-Info Centre in Stettler. “There are still some areas that could use a bit more, but so […] Read more

Hay prices stabilize in Sask., Man.

Reading Time: < 1 minute CNS Canada –– Timely rains have drastically improved the forage crop outlooks for Saskatchewan and Manitoba, while also putting prices back into their normal ranges. “Skyrocketing hay prices have stabilized… supplies are good,” said Terry Kowalchuk, a provincial forage crop specialist in Regina. Prices are mostly back down into the $80-$100 per tonne range, he […] Read more

David Normandin of Norfoin Inc., a family-owned haymaking operation in Saint-Césaire, Que., explains the operation, including their homemade wood-fired hay dryer, which can dry 100 large square bales at a time.

Quebec haymakers use homemade dryer to improve quality

The Normandins also modified a small hay baler to convert big square bales into small ones

Reading Time: 2 minutes David Normandin and his brother Mathieu preferred driving tractors to milking cows and that’s why they make hay and not milk. The brothers, along with their father Luc and Luc’s partner’s daughter, Audrey Mailloux, operate Norfoin Inc., 57 km southeast of Montreal in the Montérégie region of la belle province. The operation had been a […] Read more

The first step in the baling process is to shed the corn stover, courtesy of the Hiniker 5600 windrow shredder.

Rolling in corn stover

Corn Guide: Corn baling works, and shrewd business management could create a huge opportunity for corn producers

Reading Time: 7 minutes This year’s push for a corn stover-processing facility to be built somewhere in southern Ontario isn’t exactly new. Many similar proposals have been voiced in the past decade. This time, though, there’s a difference. What sets this venture apart is that the combination of economic benefits for the region and agronomic benefits for growers may […] Read more

Cheap grain could shore up any Man. forage shortages

Reading Time: 2 minutes CNS Canada — Excessive moisture in some parts of Manitoba over the past few months has led to localized forage shortages heading into the winter. However, ample feed grain supplies are expected to help supplement any lack of forages. Manitoba’s Interlake region was particularly hard hit by moisture in 2014. Water levels on both Lake […] Read more