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When the SPCA comes knocking

Understanding your rights and duties

Reading Time: 3 minutes Recent media coverage of alleged abuse at Chilliwack Cattle Sales in B.C. has sparked questions about an owner’s obligations when dealing with animal abuse investigators. What are your rights and responsibilities when an investigator arrives at your doorstep? Inspector powers Animal cruelty is prohibited under the Criminal Code, which applies across Canada. In practice, most […] Read more

Situations may arise where an employee has not done anything to merit being fired, but the relationship simply no longer works.

Abiding by the rules if you need to fire an employee

Guide Legal: It's best to understand not only the law, but its principles

Reading Time: 3 minutes The best “strategic business thinking” requires not only knowing the law, but also understanding the policies behind it. Many readers will have had to terminate an employee. In this article, I discuss the principles behind the rules for termination “without cause,” that is, where an employee has not done anything that merits being fired, but […] Read more

Meeting your legal obligations if your farm is incorporated

Guide Legal: When businessmen become directors

Reading Time: 4 minutes When a business transitions from a sole proprietorship or partnership to a corporation, the move requires a shift in how decisions are made. In particular, making decisions solely as a businessman (or woman, of course) is different from making decisions as a corporate director, so it is important to know how directors’ decisions will be […] Read more

Landmark decision in court battle between GM and organic farm

Guide Legal: Judge finds in favour of defendant, but appeal likely to follow

Reading Time: 2 minutes On May 28, the Western Australia Supreme Court released its decision in the closely watched Marsh vs. Baxter case. Marsh and Baxter own adjacent farms in Kojonup, Australia. In 2010, Baxter planted genetically modified (GM) canola; some GM canola swathes drifted onto Marsh’s organic wheat farm. Following its discovery and an investigation by the organic status organization, 70% of […] Read more

As the wind blows

Guide Legal: The legal implications of particle drift

Reading Time: 4 minutes In recent years, Canadian producers have significantly increased their use of genetically modified crops. At the same time, a growing number of farms are obtaining organic certification. The concurrent expansion of these two practices will almost inevitably lead to GM and organic fields being adjacent. What are the legal implications when GM products drift onto […] Read more