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New environmental rules expected to further lift diesel prices

Reading Time: 2 minutes MarketsFarm — Diesel prices in Canada and the U.S. have increased marginally ahead of winter, which is expected for this time of year — but in the New Year, prices on the farm will likely be higher than normal, as the ocean freight industry adopts new environmental standards. While a farmer’s demand for diesel is […] Read more

Price spike in sulphur leaves farmers, fertilizer makers sour

Reading Time: 2 minutes Winnipeg | Reuters — Phosphate fertilizer producers such as Mosaic Co. and PotashCorp are paying the highest prices in two years for sulphur, a key ingredient in their farm products, but farmers are the ones absorbing the extra cost. Higher sulphur costs, the result of tight global supplies and strong Chinese demand, come as fertilizer […] Read more

Pale and stunted flower petals are just one symptom of sulphur deficiency. The flower on the left is from a plant with enough sulphur, while that on the right is from a plant short of sulphur.

A nutrient-deficiency flare-up in canola

Everything goes along smoothly for decades, and the same old fertilizer combo produces the same old predicable results. Then soil levels for a particular nutrient dip below the critical threshold and plants grow funny and yields go askew. It happens

Reading Time: 5 minutes Jack Wood noticed strange patches of stunted canola in a field in 2013. By swathing time, those patches were clearly messed up. Pods were short and deformed. Stalks were skinny, and in the resulting windrows, the yield monitor dropped from 40 to just five bu./ac. One adviser said it was heat blast. Wood wasn’t so […] Read more

A response at this stage to sulphur likely won’t show up in soybeans, given the late summer demand of the plant.

Sulphur: Neglect it at your cost

Sulphur levels are falling in our soils due to reduced air pollution. It’s time to start monitoring yours

Reading Time: 7 minutes For years, something that has been a scourge to the rest of society has been a serendipitous benefit to growers across much of Eastern Canada. But with industry and governments combining their efforts to “clear the air,” farmers are faced with a situation that’s slowly becoming an issue: sulphur deficiency in soils. It’s not that […] Read more

Greig: Lessons learned from Ontario crops’ pest pressures

Reading Time: 4 minutes The warmer winter and subsequent drought defined the 2016 cropping season in Ontario, resulting in more disease and insect pressures and then challenges managing them. Three agronomists gave an overview of the 2016 cropping season at the SouthWest Agricultural Conference in Ridgetown, outlining challenges and wins for the year. Leanne Freitag, Cargill’s manager of agronomy […] Read more

The ultimate N rate for canola

If we could predict the weather perfectly, it might be different, 
but in the real world, the best tool to determine nitrogen rates is 
the soil test. It’s a great starting point for 2015

Reading Time: 5 minutes One lesson from the Ultimate Canola Challenge is that it’s a wise economic decision to follow your soil test recommendations for nitrogen. “We have always recommended soil tests to get an idea of the nutrient situation in a field, and what really pleased us about the Ultimate Canola Challenge results is how strongly they confirmed […] Read more