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Staff prepares an autonomous DOT for a public demonstration during Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina in June.

Self-driving versus the lawyers

Fully autonomous farm vehicles are already here, but setting the rules for their use won’t be simple

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Senate of Canada had a pretty simple question when it held the hearings that led to is report, “Driving Change, Technology and the Future of the Automated Vehicle.” It’s a question farmers are asking too. When is all this technology going to arrive? You couldn’t exactly say the experts answered it with precision. Their […] Read more

DOT electronics take charge of its 163 horsepower Cummins diesel with hydrostatic drive system.

The breakthrough in farm machinery

Could this field robot be the tipping point in equipment design?

Reading Time: 5 minutes It left me saying to myself, “Get your head around that!” There was no real doubt about it, after all. The industry’s biggest surprise this summer was the out-of-the-blue introduction at the Ag in Motion farm show near Saskatoon in July of SeedMaster’s autonomous new implement carrier, dubbed the DOT. Not only is the DOT […] Read more

Salford introduced a prototype 20-ton air boom dry-product applicator at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina.

Ag-market sees new interest in dry-product spreaders

New machines designed to broadcast dry fertilizer are hitting dealerships for the 2017 season

Reading Time: 5 minutes For years, one-pass seeding systems that incorporate fertilizer application with the seeding pass had producers turning their backs on dry spreader systems. Many older designs of spinner spreaders lacked the precision that producers could now get from direct-seeding systems. But the logistical demands of getting everything done in one seeding pass have a few growers […] Read more

Company president Norbert Beaujot, explains the workings of a mock-up of a new metering system inside the R&D shop.

A backstage pass to an R&D shop

Join me on this tour of engineering facilities with a group of senior managers actually willing to talk about product design

Reading Time: 6 minutes When I walked through the front door at SeedMaster’s Regina manufacturing plant, Cory Beaujot, the company’s marketing and communications manager was waiting for me. I had been invited to the factory to meet senior management and hear about the new technology the brand is introducing for its 2017 model year seed drills. They had made […] Read more