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Deere lifts 2021 forecast on solid equipment demand

Reading Time: 2 minutes Reuters — Deere and Co. on Friday raised its full-year earnings forecast after quarterly profit topped Wall Street estimates on the back of strong demand for farm and construction equipment. The world’s largest farm equipment manufacturer now expects net income in fiscal 2021 to be between $5.7 billion and $5.9 billion, up from a range […] Read more

Sure, harvest season is well behind you, but putting off what you can do now before taking a seat next harvest season is in your best interest.

Steps you can take now to prevent combine fires later

Prevention and preparation are key to protect your equipment from burning

Reading Time: 7 minutes Can anything instil more fear in farmers than the smell or sight of smoke while combining. The potential for loss in terms of equipment, crop and even life because of a fire during harvest operations is huge. Unfortunately, fires while harvesting are not uncommon. This past fall, the fire departments in the County of Forty […] Read more

File photo of Rocky Mountain’s dealership at High River, Alta. (Country Guide photo by Scott Garvey)

Equipment dealer chain Rocky Mountain to go private

Publicly traded CNH dealer's top brass make offer

Reading Time: 2 minutes Canada’s biggest farm equipment dealership chain has made a deal to take itself private after almost 13 years on the TSX. Rocky Mountain Dealerships (RME) announced Monday it has an agreement in place with a numbered Alberta company controlled by CEO Garrett Ganden and board chairman Matthew Campbell, for 100 per cent of RME at […] Read more

These retro-styled 150 Series machines are being offered in limited numbers to commemorate 40 years of the Axial-Flow IH combines.

New combines from Case IH

For 2019, the 250 series debuts with impressive new technology

Reading Time: 4 minutes If your goal is to introduce new combines to North America, why not do it right where those machines are built. That was the logic behind Case IH’s July media event at its combine assembly plant in Grand Island, Nebraska. Members of the North American farm media were invited there to get a first look […] Read more

AGCO’s new “IDEAL” combine will debut in Germany in November. Built on a global platform, it will incorporate the highest level of digital technology of any combine to ever wear MF, Challenger or Fendt nameplates.

Dawn of the ‘smart’ combine

Automated and self-adjusting threshing systems become the norm

Reading Time: 3 minutes Combine manufacturers have made giant strides toward machine automation. Yes, there still needs to be an operator in the cab (and we’re likely some distance away from changing that), but a growing number of today’s combines are making their own decisions about how to adjust their operations on the go for maximum threshing efficiency and […] Read more

Combines working on a wheat crop at sunset

Should you buy a combine, or stay with custom?

The decision depends on how much you lose to spoilage, so you need to think like a grocery store produce manager

Reading Time: 8 minutes Sue and Jim have increased their grain and oilseed operation to 4,500 acres. Until now they’ve hired a custom combine operator, but he’s retiring. Originally they had hired him as a means of economizing investment, but now they are more financially secure. They already have swathing and hauling equipment, and wonder if they should buy […] Read more

Photo: Scott Garvey

Seven new product reveals from John Deere

In early June John Deere invited members of the farm media to its Harvester Works facility in Moline, Illinois, to see the full line of equipment it was introducing in 2017. And all of it was parked on the lawn in front of that combine manufacturing facility for reporters to photograph and learn about from[...]
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Photo: Thinkstock

Six numbers in agriculture to make you stop and think

It isn’t as quiet as you might think on the home front. Yes, today’s farms seem stable, but the next evolutionary wave is gaining energy

In 2009, total Canadian net farm income was $2.8 billion. Four years later, it was $10 billion more, with Statistics Canada’s saying a $5.6-billion rise in the total value of farm-owned inventories from the year before accounted for almost all of the increase in total net income in 2013 That inventory increase came from a[...]
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Today, manufacturers welcome customers and visitors to their assembly plants to see first hand how companies focus on build quality.

The quality revolution in agricultural machinery

Business has changed. You can’t build a tractor the way they used to. Farmers won’t let you

Reading Time: 6 minutes At first, we all thought he must have been exaggerating. It was 2013 and we were at the Hesston, Kansas combine assembly plant where Hans-Bernd Veltmaat, AGCO’s senior vice-president was discussing the plant’s US$40-million expansion, which included a new state-of-the-art paint system. “This paint centre is a major building block for AGCO,” Veltmaat said. “With[...]
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Jim Bessel, agronomy consultant and former CCC agronomy specialist, spoke about harvest loss management at canolaPALOOZA, an outdoor agronomy event hosted by the Canola Council of Canada and Alberta Canola Producers Commission at the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada centre in Lacombe, Alberta in June.

The right amount of harvest loss

Here’s how to find that optimum balance between harvest efficiency and lower field losses

Reading Time: 6 minutes Combines can easily throw more than a couple of bushels per acre of canola without drawing any notice from the operator. Yet that hidden loss can add up. Two bushels per acre tossed with the chaff amounts to $3,200 per 160 acres (based on the round number of $10 per bushel of canola) and it[...]
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