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GUIDE WEATHER – for Nov. 22, 2011


Nov. 27-Dec. 3:Seasonal to cool. Fair but snow on a couple days inland with coastal rain.

Dec. 4-10:Unsettled, windy on a couple days with rain and wind west, snow east. Often cold.

Dec. 11-17:Fair skies interchange with rain west, snow east, possibly heavy. Seasonal to cold.

Dec. 18-24:Heavier precipitation at times with seasonal to cold temperatures. Strong winds on several days.

Dec. 25-31:Temperatures vary. Blustery. Intermittent coastal rain with periodic snow elsewhere.

Jan. 1-7:Frequent coastal rain, occasional heavier snow inland. Mostly cold.

Jan. 8-14:Unsettled and blustery at times. Occasional heavier precipitation. Cold.

Jan. 15-21:Generally cold. Fair aside from periodic rain along the coast, intermittent snow elsewhere.


Nov. 27-Dec. 3:Changeable south with occasional heavier snow. Very cold, snowy north.

Dec. 4-10:Blustery. Higher windchills. Fair skies alternate with occasional heavier snow.

Dec. 11-17:Fair skies exchange with intermittent snow and drifting. Seasonal to cold.

Dec. 18-24:Unsettled, windy, cold on two or three days with occasional snow, chance heavy in places.

Dec. 25-31:Higher windchills. Windy at times. Fair but snow and drifting on two or three occasions.

Jan. 1-7:High windchills. Fair weather interchanges with periodic snow and drifting.

Jan. 8-14:Variable and mostly cold. Gusty winds, snow and drifting on two or three days this week.

Jan. 15-21:Cold, clear on many days but slight warming in the south brings light snow.


Nov. 27-Dec. 3:Fair skies alternate with snow, heavy in places. Colder, often blustery.

Dec. 4-10:Fair, seasonal but colder, windy outbreaks bring heavier snow, blowing on two or three days.

Dec. 11-17:Changeable weather and at times stormy with snow and blowing. Often cold.

Dec. 18-24:Unsettled. Higher windchills. Occasional heavy snow, blowing on a couple days.

Dec. 25-31:Cold. Fair but windy with snow drifting on two or three occasions. Bitterly cold north.

Jan. 1-7:Very cold, fair on most days but light snow, drifting on a couple of occasions.

Jan. 8-14:Cold air and fair skies dominate aside from scattered snow, drifting in the south.

Jan. 15-21:Settled, cold on most days. Minor warming in the south brings snow, drifting.


Nov. 27-Dec. 3:Variable, blustery. Occasional snow, heavy in a few areas. Seasonal to cold.

Dec. 4-10:A few higher windchills. Fair skies are interrupted by occasional heavier snow.

Dec. 11-17:Seasonal to cold. Often unsettled, windy with occasional snow and blowing.

Dec. 18-24:Weather and temperatures vary. Fair skies alternate with intermittent snow.

Dec. 25-31:Generally cold, windy with high windchills. Fair but snow, drifting on two or three days.

Jan. 1-7:Seasonal to cold. Fair overall apart from some snow and drifting on a couple days.

Jan. 8-14:Often cold with higher windchills. Slight warming brings some snow and drifting.

Jan. 15-21:Settled other than scattered snow, drifting on two or three occasions. Higher windchills.

November 27, 2011 to January 21, 2012


This winter, a la Nia is poised to bring a stormy weather pattern to most of western Canada, with British Columbia and the Prairies likely to bear the brunt of its inclement weather. It is expected that the southern portions of these provinces will be especially affected due to below-normal temperatures and heavier-than-usual snowfall. We also expect the cold, snowy conditions to advance into the Great Lakes by late December. However, readers living north and east of the Great Lakes basin all the way through to the Atlantic provinces can expect average winter conditions with near normal temperatures and near normal precipitation.

Prepared by meteorologist Larry Romaniuk of Weatherite Services. Forecasts should be 80 per cent accurate for your area; expect variations by a day or two due to changeable speed of weather systems.



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