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Guide Weather – for Sep. 20, 2011


Sept. 25-Oct. 1:Variable conditions this week from fair and mild to wet and cool. Chance heavy rain west. Occasionally windy. Some snow and frost north. Frost threat interior.

Oct. 2-8:Expect seasonal to occasionally cool temperatures. Frost areas inland. Blustery winds at times. Often fair but intermittent rain in the west turns to snow in the north and at higher levels.

Oct. 9-15:Changeable weather and temperatures. Occasional rain, chance heavy in places on the coast tapering to showers inland with snow north and higher elevations.

Oct. 16-22:Fair on most days but with periodic rain on the coast, changing to snow higher areas and north. Variable temperatures. Windy from time to time.


Sept. 25-Oct. 1:Sunny skies overall with several frosty nights but expect a couple of unsettled days with rain becoming mixed with snow in the north and higher elevations.

Oct. 2-8:Fair with seasonal temperatures on many days but colder air advances southward on a couple of days bringing occasional rain. Chance snow. Windy at times.

Oct. 9-15:Look for variable weather this week ranging from fair to wet with rain. Chance of snow mainly west and north. Blustery at times. Changeable temperatures.

Oct. 16-22:Fair overall with seasonable temperatures but cooler outbreaks bring rain or wet snow on a couple of occasions this week. Cool, snow north. Occasionally windy.


Sept. 25-Oct. 1:Temperatures vary but end up near normal this week. Often sunny but look for rain on a couple of days, mixed with snow in the north. Windy, frosty at times.

Oct. 2-8:Mostly fair but expect unsettled conditions on two or three days with blustery winds, cool temperatures and periodic rain. Rain mixed with snow central, north.

Oct. 9-15:Disturbances result in variable conditions this week ranging from fair and dry to wet and blustery. Temperatures vary from mild to cool. Cooler north with intermittent snow.

Oct. 16-22:Look for seasonal to cool temperatures with sub-zero lows. Often fair but some rain on a couple of days, mixed at times with wet snow. Cool north with heavier snow.


Sept. 25-Oct. 1:Sunny skies on most days with highs in the teens except for one or two cooler, wet, windy days. A few subzero lows. Cool spells with some snow or rain north.

Oct. 2-8:Expect unsettled weather this week as mild, dry days alternate with cool, wet and windy days. Frosty nights. Periods of wet snow, rain and frost in the north.

Oct. 9-15:Fair skies will be interrupted by rain and blustery winds on a couple of occasions this week. Temperatures vary under blustery winds. Occasional snow in the north.

Oct. 16-22:In the south, fair weather interchanges with rain, possibly heavy in places. Seasonal to mild at times. Cooler, windy in the north with intermittent snow.

September 25 to October 22, 2011


Relatively warm temperatures are expected to linger over much of central Canada this fall. As a result, milder than usual temperatures are anticipated in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and the western Maritimes well into October. Disturbances will bring a few wet spells to these areas but precipitation totals should end up near normal. In contrast, cooler northwesterlies from time to time will produce more seasonal temperatures across the western Prairies and British Columbia. Frost and occasional rain will be common in these areas, and snow is likely to be confined to higher elevations and northern regions. Near-normal precipitation is expected in these western areas in spite of a couple of heavier precipitation events. An unsettled weather pattern is emerging over the far eastern sections of the country. Here a series of storms, moving northward along the seaboard, threatens to bring frequent heavier rain and strong winds to the eastern Atlantic Provinces.

Prepared by meteorologist Larry Romaniuk of Weatherite Services. Forecasts should be 80 per cent accurate for your area; expect variations by a day or two due to changeable speed of weather systems.



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