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Easy service scheduling for farm machinery

Australian smartphone app puts farm fleet service records on your device

Australian farmer David Ricardo has developed a farm machinery maintenance and service app.

Growing up on the farm, I can remember the small garage in the yard had a long list of oil change dates written on the inside wall by the door. At the time, that seemed a fully adequate maintenance record. After all, there were only two tractors to keep track of. Today, however, tracking equipment maintenance on most farms is a much bigger job.

Writing oil change dates on the wall just isn’t a viable option anymore.

David Ricardo, a farmer from New South Wales, Australia, has come up with what is no doubt a far better alternative for most farms than writing oil changes dates on the garage wall. He has developed an app for smartphones that can store and share maintenance information with all farm family or staff members to help keep equipment in top condition.

“We used to keep a service logbook in a central position on the farm, but that book went missing temporarily two years ago,” he said in an email to Country Guide. “During that time we missed services which weren’t followed up. What we used to do — and still do, to some extent — is just keep a note of when the next service is due, but that doesn’t build up any great service history for the different machines.”

The app allows for tracking a variety of maintenance and repair tasks. photo:

Ricardo’s app, Farm Service Manager, tracks maintenance schedules and can be used to record all work done on machines to create a full service history, which can add value when trading in or selling used equipment.

“Anything added in the app is traceable back to the employee or contractor who logged it,” Ricardo said.

Anyone can be given access to the app to make service and repair entries, which allows all records to be centralized and made available to anyone working on the machines.

“In modern farming operations it is vital to have all machinery in good working order,” said Ricardo. “Farm Service Manager helps owners and managers to do just that and ensure no service is missed so the machine is always running at its full capability.”

Cost for the app is Aus. $10 per month or $100 per year. Additional users can download it for $5 per month or $50 per year. It’s available for download online directly from the company website,, as well as from Google Play and the App Store. It’s suitable for both iPhone and Android devices. For more information and a free trial demo, go to the company website.

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