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New soybean varieties in 2017 for Western Canada

Demand for soybeans just keeps rising on the Prairies

Three years ago, something interesting occurred in soybean production in Canada: in 2013, Manitoba became the second-leading producer of soybeans in the country. The province’s 1,068,200 acres of soybeans eclipsed the 847,000 acres produced in Quebec. And the figures continue to rise with each passing year, to the point where nearly 1.4 million acres came out of Manitoba in 2015, with nearly 180,000 acres grown in Saskatchewan.

The forecast just keeps getting better, with interest in soybeans increasing, which is why Country Guide offers this quick reference tool for growers featuring a list of the newest soybean varieties for 2017. We started this feature last year in our Eastern edition, and participation has grown to the point where some companies asked if we were doing this for the West, as well. So here’s our inaugural listing for soybean varieties.

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soybean plant

In all, 10 companies have provided us with their newest varieties for the 2017 growing season, featuring more than 25 new arrivals (or varieties with limited release in 2016 and a more-extensive availability for next year). Although our goal is to make this as comprehensive a listing as possible, it’s important to discuss your seed and cropping decisions with your dealer, agronomist or seed company representative.


22-61RY is a variety that is well suited to all soil types and row widths. It has excellent emergence and very good standability.  From a disease perspective, it has very good Phytophthora root rot tolerance and aggressive growth, which will make it a great fit for tougher growing conditions.

DKB005-52 is a medium-height variety with excellent standability, white mould tolerance and Phytophthora root rot tolerance. It is well suited to all soil types and row widths and is resistant to soybean cyst nematode (SCN).

DKB008-81 is a variety with a strong agronomic package, excellent standability and is well-suited to all row widths and soil types. This variety has excellent white mould tolerance and very good Phytophthora root rot field tolerance.

Dow Seeds

DS0067Z1 is a 2450 CHU (crop heat unit) variety with Roundup Ready 2 Yield technology. It features strong emergence and good resistance to Phytophthora root rot combine to provide good stand establishment, with medium-short plant height, medium canopy and a black hilum. Excellent yields for an early variety.

DuPont Pioneer

P005T13R – is a new high yielding Glyphosate tolerant soybean variety with 2400 heat units. It has very good standability and lodging scores for ease of harvest in Western Canada. It also has very good early emergence to cover the ground early. In 2015 and 2016, it provided an average yield increase of 3.0 bu/ac over Pioneer variety P002T04R with 74 per cent wins in 19 large-scale field comparisons across Western Canada.

P006T46R – is a new glyphosate-tolerant soybean variety with 2425 heat units and a very consistent, high yielding soybean for Western Canada. It also has a very good lodging score for ease of harvest and handles heavier soils very well. In 2015 and 2016, it provided an average yield increase of 1.5 bu/ac over Pioneer variety P006T78R with 71 per cent wins in 35 large-scale field comparisons across Western Canada.

Elite Seeds

Lono R2 – Nothing quite compares to the competition between siblings, and Elite is presenting an epic battle between sister varieties. The introduction of Akras R2 by Elite provided a tailor-made variety for western Canadian farmers with ease of harvest and top yield potential. In 2017, Elite introduces Lono R2, the genetic sister of Akras R2. Lono R2 pushed its sister around in the public trials, scoring three per cent more on yield. In the end they will complement each other and grow stronger.

NorthStar Genetics

NSC Leroy RR2Y is a super-ultra early-maturing variety that will be the earliest soybean variety in Western Canada, suitable for 2200 CHUs. This is definitely the variety of choice for new soybean growers in Saskatchewan in the Black Soil Zone. This variety has a black hilum, a plant growth structure that’s fairly tall and upright, rates an 8 in white mould, adaptability and standability, and a 9 for emergence and seedling vigour.

NSC Watson RR2Y is an ultra early-maturing variety (2250 CHUs) and is also suitable for the Black Soil Zone of Saskatchewan, as well as Dark Brown and Brown Zones. It has exceeded expectations with very strong early-season vigour and very good height due to extended lower internode. Its characteristic leaf shape makes NCS Watson RR2Y easy to identify. In disease resistance, it has the Rps6 gene for Phytophthora root rot and rates an 8 for white mould and emergence, a 9 for seedling vigour and iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC) and 10 for standability.

NSC EXP 114 RR2X is NorthStar’s first early-maturing soybean variety with the new Xtend trait, allowing growers to use glyphosate and dicamba for extended in-season weed control. It’s also suited to the 2250 CHU regions in Western Canada. It’s a tall grower in plant height, with good yield potential and is a must for growers who need to manage their use of glyphosate to prevent or reduce resistance. It also does well in reduced tillage.

NSC Reston RR2Y has become the variety of choice for soybean growers in Western Manitoba and Eastern Saskatchewan. In all demonstration plots and third-party variety trials, this 2325 CHU variety shows very consistent and competitive yields. With NSC Reston RR2Y, you get very early maturity plus very good yield as this variety has been reported to yield more than 50 bu/ac by many growers.

Pride Seeds

New introductory PS 00095 R2 for the late 000 maturity group with the Roundup Ready 2 Yield trait. This variety presents an opportunity into the very short season growing areas. Best performance on narrow row widths with an above-average IDC rating. Excellent late season standability for ease of harvest. Ideally suited for 2275 CHU. Excellent white mold resistance and good field tolerance to Phytophthora root rot.  *Pending Registration.

PS 0055R2 is a new introductory Roundup Ready 2 Yield variety ideally suited for 2425 CHU, with above-average IDC tolerance, plus excellent Phytopthora Rps 1k tolerance, standability and disease resistance. Adapted to all soils, handles stress extremely well, and can be planted in no-till or minimum-till practices. It also has excellent white mold resistance. Best yields will be experienced in 7- to15-inch row widths

0066 XR is a new, exciting introductory high-yielding Pride Seeds Roundup Ready 2 Xtend variety ideally suited for 2450 CHU. It provides tolerance to dicamba and glyphosate herbicides along with exceptional standability for ease of harvest. Good field tolerance to Phytophthora root rot and excellent white mold resistance. Good plant height in marginal and heavier soils


EXP Prograin 2250 R2X is a variety best suited to the 2250 CHU regions of Western Canada, with a tall plant height and semi-bush plant type. It features Roundup Ready 2 Xtend technology with vigorous growth and is good for first pod set. Its seed availability for 2017 is good.

Domingo R2X is a variety with Roundup Ready 2 Xtend technology and is suited to 2525 CHU regions. It has a relative maturity of 0.9, with tall plant height, semi-bush plant type and scores a 9 on white mould tolerance. Another variety with good first pod set, plus large leaves and vigorous growth. Company literature cites it as “very good” on seed availability for 2017.

EXP Prograin 2425 CHU R2 is a variety with Roundup Ready 2 Yield technology for the 2425 CHU areas. It’s a very vigorous grower, with medium plant height and a slender plant type. From a disease perspective, it rates a 9 on iron deficiency chlorosis and will have good availability for the coming growing season under the commercial name Torro R2.

EXP Prograin 2450 CHU R2X is another of Prograin’s varieties with Roundup Ready 2 Xtend technology, suited to the 2450 CHU regions. Vigorous growth with a tall plant height, it shows no IDC pressure and has average first pod set. For 2017, the company expects good availability.

EXP Prograin 2475 CHU R2X is suited to the 2475 CHU region, with Roundup Ready 2 Xtend technology. Its vigour is rated as average but exhibits no IDC pressure, decent first pod set and will be good on availability for 2017.

EXP Prograin 2500 CHU R2 is a variety with Roundup Ready 2 Yield technology with tall plant height, average vigour, minimal IDC pressure and good first pod set. It’s is suitable for the 2500 CHU regions of Western Canada and will be marketed under the commercial name Kosmo R2.


SeCan welcomes the addition of two new Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybean varieties to their western Canadian soybean portfolio. Barron R2X (2250 HU) and Barker R2X (2425 HU) are named in honour of Canadian war veterans, Colin Fraser Barron and William George Barker. These varieties are now available to drive growers’ weed control demands and yields forward in 2017.

Barron R2X and Barker R2X combine dicamba tolerance with the maturity, yield potential, agronomic characteristics and glyphosate tolerance that growers have come to expect from Roundup Ready varieties. The Roundup Ready 2 Xtend trait delivers an additional mode of action to manage early season and glyphosate-resistant weeds, and will only continue to push yield potential higher in growers’ fields.


S001-B1 is an early maturing, 2300 CHU medium-tall plant variety, best suited to the early double zero (00) maturity zones across the Prairies. This variety offers excellent standability for strong emergence, consistent yield potential and easy harvestability. S001-B1 also features excellent iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC) tolerance, good white mould tolerance and the Rps1c gene for very good field tolerance of Phytophthora root rot.

At 2325 CHUs, S003-L3 is a medium- to short-height plant variety, best suited to the early 00 maturity zones in western Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The variety offers strong emergence and Phytophthora field tolerance as well as very strong iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC) tolerance. S003-L3 brings several unique genetic characteristics, including a narrow, lancelet leaf shape, as well as top pod clusters that can provide a late season boost to yields in ideal growing conditions.

S006-W5 is a 2425 CHU, medium-height plant variety that offers dependable standability and is well suited to the highly productive soils found in the mid to late 00 maturity zones of Manitoba’s traditional soybean growing areas. In the 2015 Manitoba Crop Variety Evaluation Team (MCVET) public trials, S006-W5 yielded 10 per cent above the industry check. This variety also features excellent harvestability and a unique Rps1a and Rps3a gene stack for excellent Phytophthora root rot protection.

Thunder Seed

EXP Thunder 2250 CHU XTEND is a 2250 CHU variety with Roundup Ready 2 Xtend technology. With a tall plant height and semi-bush plant type, it has a white mould tolerance rating of 7, an 8 on IDC and has potential for good first pod set. It also has good seed availability for 2017 under the commercial name TH 870008 XTEND.

TH 87003 XTEND is another of Prograin’s varieties with Roundup Ready 2 Xtend technology, suited to the 2400 CHU regions. A bushy plant type with tall height, it’s also SCN resistant and has the Rps1c gene for resistance to Phythophthora root rot. For 2017, the company cites good availability, as well.

TH 37004R2Y is suited to 2425 CHU regions and comes with Roundup Ready 2 Yield technology. Another of Prograin’s varieties with SCN resistance and the Rps1c gene for Phytophthora root rot, it has a slender plant type, rates a 9 on IDC and 8 on white mould.

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