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A co-trustee’s responsibility

Guide Legal: If asked to serve as a co-trustee, be aware that acting as a rubber stamp will not protect you if things go wrong

Reading Time: 4 minutes When drafting a will, parents often name more than one of their children as the trustees of their estate. Given the dynamics between siblings, it is not uncommon for one child to take on a more active role than another in administering the estate. However, in a recent decision, the Court of Appeal for Ontario […] Read more

Estate planning and the legal system: Part 3

Guide Legal: If you wonder about challenging a will — don’t wait too long

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you are a beneficiary under a will, there is one thing you should know. If you believe you have been treated unfairly, voice your concerns immediately and take action. While you might feel inclined to assist in the administration of the will and collect your share of the assets, don’t. Otherwise, you may be […] Read more

Estate planning and the legal system: Part 2

Does your will protect your wishes?

Reading Time: 3 minutes In an age when contracts are often the size of phone books and legal battles are fought over the fine print, people often question whether the old-fashioned handshake or verbal agreement still exist. The answer is yes. In fact, not only do oral contracts still exist, but they have the power to displace written contracts, […] Read more

Estate planning and the legal system: Part I

Guide Legal: What if your wishes collide with public policy?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Parents often use wills to control the lifestyle choices of their children. The courts have long recognized the freedom of an individual to bestow his or her property in a will. However, this freedom is restricted by certain public policy rules that guard against the disposition of property in a manner that is contrary to […] Read more