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AGCO adds to its Global Massey Ferguson tractor line

Two new 5700 Series models hit the market for 2020

AGCO adds two new models with Dyna-4 “brake-to-clutch” transmissions to its MF 5700 Global Series tractor line.

In the last couple of years, major brands have been producing utility and mid-range tractors with powershift transmissions that don’t require clutching. In October AGCO announced it, too, is adding that type of transmission to its “Global” 5700 Series Massey Ferguson tractor family.

Two new models, the 100-horsepower 5710D and 111-horsepower 5711D models will join the line for 2020. They’ll use the brand’s 16 x 16 Dyna-4 transmission.

This transmission allows direction changes without clutching. Auto-Drive comes standard in the new Dyna-4 models as well, speed-matching the transmission to cause it to shift automatically at 1,500 r.p.m. in Eco mode for transport and light applications.

In Power mode, it auto-shifts at 2,100 rpm, which is intended for use when pulling heavier draught loads such as in field applications.

Plus, the Brake-to-Neutral feature lets the operator stop the tractor by just pressing the brake pedal. Release it and you’re off again.

There’s no need for stopping for any gear changes with the Dyna-4. It lets the operator change through all gears and ranges while moving. A combination power shuttle and power control lever on the left side of the steering column allows the operator to change direction, change gears and de-clutch the tractor with the left hand while controlling other functions, such as the joystick or rear remote controls, with the right hand at the same time.

With the Comfort Control feature, operators can adjust settings via the tractor information screen to fine-tune how aggressively directional changes and DynaShift changes take place.

In other features, the two 5700 Global Series tractors get an open-centre hydraulic system, which relies on two pumps. One directs a standard flow rate of 11 g.p.m. (41 l/m) to the rear three-point linkage, and the other, with a 15 g.p.m. (56 l/m) rating, directs flow to the remote valves and the loader. An in-cab switch allows the flow from both pumps to be combined and direct up to 26 g.p.m. (98 l/m) of flow to the loader or other hydraulic uses. That can significantly improve response times. Three rear remotes are standard, with the third offering adjustable flow control.

A rear 540, 540E and 1,000 r.p.m. PTO is standard equipment.

Up front, these two tractors will get a 4.4-litre AGCOPower, four-cylinder diesel engine, which doesn’t use a DPF so there is no regeneration downtime to interfere with the workday.

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