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TPP talks without U.S. near final stretch

Reading Time: 3 minutes Urayasu, Japan | Reuters — The 11 remaining nations in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) without the United States edged toward sealing a comprehensive free trade pact after New Zealand agreed to amend laws that are not subject to TPP, to enable its ban on foreign home purchases. The pact aims to eliminate tariffs on industrial […] Read more

Yusuf Abdulrehman, owner of Halal Meat Centre & Speciality Foods in Winnipeg.

The halal market

In a more diverse Canada, many farmers are learning what halal actually means, and some are already finding ways to profit from its booming demand

Reading Time: 11 minutes Navigating the narrow aisles of his Winnipeg shop with the energy of a man half his age, Yusuf Abdulrehman pauses to point out bright spices, dark teas and pastel sweets that have travelled across the globe to reach his prairie outpost. “We don’t only sell halal meat, we have a variety of products coming from […] Read more

Taiwan again accepting Canadian UTM beef

Reading Time: 3 minutes One of the top international importers of Canadian beef is back in the market after closing its ports to the product last year. Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay and Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland on Friday announced Taiwan will again accept beef from Canadian cattle under 30 months of age (UTMs), effective immediately. Taiwan had pulled the […] Read more

It’s a wonderful animal, it’s very efficient and it’s a very intelligent animal, its productivity is enormous and I’ve alway felt that if a farmer takes good care of his pigs, they will return great profitability for producers.” – George Matheson

Where have all the hog farmers gone?

They’ve gone to Manitoba, where they’re enjoying some good years in the face of a long list of challenges

Reading Time: 9 minutes Despite losing nearly 14,000 pig farmers since 1971, Manitoba still produces more pigs than any other province, accounting for just under a third of Canada’s total pork production, and well over half of its exports. For nearly three decades, Manitoba has had a front row seat on the peaks and valleys of Canada’s hog industry. […] Read more

Packers approved to move beef, pork to Ukraine

Reading Time: 2 minutes Inspectors have approved 15 Canadian beef and pork processing plants to export to Ukraine, more than doubling the number of Canadian meat plants able to ship to the country. Federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay and Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland on Monday announced Ukraine has, essentially, approved beef and pork exports from any Canadian federally-registered establishment […] Read more

Cancer ‘hazard’ not a cancer ‘risk,’ meat industry cautions

Reading Time: 2 minutes A new report classifying processed meats such as hot dogs and bacon as “carcinogenic” to humans doesn’t set out a cause-and-effect link between meats and cancer, industry groups caution. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a research arm of the World Health Organization, on Monday published a report placing processed meats in its […] Read more