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Farmers in a Canola Field

Use science to be a better agvocate

To capture someone’s interest you need to find a way to connect on an emotional level

Reading Time: 3 minutes As a farmer, you use science every day. On a day like today you might even use it to calculate how much snow load your barn can withstand, or to improve the success of your agvocacy efforts. Research shows that to build successful farmer-consumer relationships, we need to connect with people emotionally by telling our […] Read more

Tim May is a fourth-generation dairy farmer in Ontario.

Farmer Tim’s social media tips

Pointers from Tim May on how to use social media to set the record straight on farms and farming

Reading Time: 4 minutes Tim May is a fourth-generation dairy farmer near Guelph, Ont., with 27,000 followers on Facebook. That’s right — 27,000. May started his Farmer Tim Facebook page a little over three years ago when he decided it was time for average farmers to battle the misinformation about dairy farming and agriculture that he saw being shared […] Read more