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U.S. livestock: CME live cattle settle mixed, hogs firmer

Chicago | Reuters — Chicago Mercantile Exchange live cattle April futures on Friday drew support from late-week cash price strength, while profit-taking weighed on the June contract, said traders. Short-covering and technical buying underpinned deep-deferred trading months, they said. April live cattle closed 1.325 cents/lb. higher at 117.075 cents (all figures US$). June ended down […] Read more

After milk quotas

French dairy farmers look for a way ahead after Brussels gives up the European supply management system

French dairy farms are in turmoil. France is the second-largest dairy producer in the European Union, and for the past 30 years, governments there had used quota to tie milk production to assigned farm regions. But then Brussels pulled the plug on the EU quota system in 2015, and now decisions about where and how […] Read more

The most hated dairy farm in France

Milk After Quotas: Some dairy farms in southern France are facing an existential crisis

The least we can say is that Michel Welter, director general of France’s biggest dairy farm, is a tough cookie. At 51, this former dairy producer works not only under daily pressure from the citizens of his village, Abbeville, located in northern France, but from the whole country for having built an “industrial farm” of […] Read more

Organic milk: 1,000 farms for one cow

Milk After Quotas: In the past decade, Biolait has seen its production double in size

When I meet him at their brand new headquarters in Saffré, a village in western France, it’s clear Théofile Jouve, director general of Biolait is a proud man. “In 2013, when the price of conventional milk was almost the same as organic milk, we had 60 farmers ask to be part of our business,” he […] Read more

Setting their own quota

Milk After Quotas: Milk producers find more success with cheese

Jean-Marie Guinchard looks across his ancestral farm located at la Sommette, a hamlet near the Swiss border. “We are cheese producers before being milk producers,” he tells me. “That’s saved us because we get a much higher return than conventional milk.” With his herd of 160 milking cows of the Montbéliarde breed, the 58 year […] Read more


U.S. livestock: CME live cattle, hogs close higher

Chicago | Reuters — Chicago Mercantile Exchange live cattle hit a two-week high Thursday, driven by short-covering and futures’ discounts to this week’s prices for slaughter-ready, or cash, cattle, said traders. Remaining cash prices in parts of the northern U.S. Plains might benefit from tight cattle supplies along with forecasts for heavy snow and high […] Read more