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VIDEO: Hog farmers at Ontario Pork Congress optimistic

Glacier FarmMedia’s John Greig attended the recent Ontario Pork Congress in Stratford, Ont., and spoke with the chair of Ontario Pork about the future of the province’s pork industry and what role international markets are likely to play in the coming future.

Feeding the Indian tiger

Move over China. Food sales to India are set to roar

“The Indians are crazy for red lentils… potential sales are incredible,” says Lance Walker, head of Lazer Enterprises Inc. in Borden, Sask. Walker was working in a trade show booth as he told me this, one of the representatives of the 23 Canadian businesses that were participating at the 31st Aahar Food Hospitality Trade Fair […] Read more

man beside farm sign

Where have all the hog farmers gone?

They’ve gone to Manitoba, where they’re enjoying some good years in the face of a long list of challenges

Despite losing nearly 14,000 pig farmers since 1971, Manitoba still produces more pigs than any other province, accounting for just under a third of Canada’s total pork production, and well over half of its exports. For nearly three decades, Manitoba has had a front row seat on the peaks and valleys of Canada’s hog industry. […] Read more

pig barn

Ending the moratorium on new hog barns?

Manitoba’s 10-year old ban on new barns means almost half of the province’s pigs still get finished in the U.S.

People aren’t the only thing Manitoba needs more of. A shortage of slaughter pigs continues to be a nagging problem. Maple Leaf’s Brandon facility struggles to keep a second shift operating at capacity, searching for additional hogs to process, while HyLife has gone outside the province to keep its Neepawa plant at capacity. “We are […] Read more

VIDEO: Bluevale, Ont., family named Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers

Mike and Amy Cronin’s management skills, sound core-business values and team of trusted employees have helped build a successful international hog operation that has not only survived, but grew in often volatile market conditions. “I think it’s pretty humbling, actually,” says Amy Cronin on the couple’s win as Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmer. “It could have been any one […] Read more

James Reesor

Focus on where you can lead

At RFW Farms, the goal is to inject certainty into what can seem a very uncertain business. How they do that is a story in itself

In 1995 James Reesor and a business partner bought a 300-sow farrowing herd. Today, two decades later, RFW Farms is a 4,000-sow farrow-to-finish multi-site operation, producing about 2,000 hogs a week. By all measures, those 20 years have been challenging times in the hog business, yet this company has emerged as one of the largest […] Read more