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Growing quality oats

Recommendations for oat agronomy from the new POGA Oat Growers Manual and research across Western Canada

Reading Time: 6 minutes Soil and rotation Oats grow best in black and grey wooded soil zones that have higher moisture, but can grow on sandy loam to heavy clay soils as long as they have good drainage. To reduce disease pressure and optimize yields, oats should not be grown after cereals. The best rotational crops include canola, hay, […] Read more

Linda Hall is looking for the right combination of variety choice and agronomic practices to make oats more attractive to growers in central Alberta.

The Catch-22 of oat production

Tests in central Alberta yield some useful information on N rates and the effectiveness of plant growth regulators

Reading Time: 4 minutes Linda Hall has a soft spot for the humble oat, mainly because she doesn’t think it’s really all that humble. “Milling oats are a high-value crop,” Hall says. “We’re seeing companies like Richardson buying up oat milling capacity, so the markets are there if we can grow the right kind of oat.” It all depends […] Read more

Get the facts before spending big money on micronutrients

Think you might have a micronutrient deficiency in your fields? Take these four steps before spending any money on micronutrient fertilizer, says Ross McKenzie, who became the province’s best-known fertilizer authority during his lengthy career with the province.

Know how to identify these three seedling diseases

Seedling diseases can weaken cereals, leaving plants susceptible to other stresses, Brittney Kroeker told attendees at Bayer’s SeedGrowth Solutions Expo in Saskatoon this spring. Kroeker went through some of the top seedling diseases in cereals. Here are her tips for identifying three seedling disease in cereals.

VIDEO: Underground undies measuring the health of soil

Reading Time: < 1 minute Are you bold enough to soil your undies? The Soil Conservation Council of Canada (SCCC) is and it recently kicked off National Soil Conservation Week by burying several pairs of men’s cotton underwear up to the waistband. After 60 days in six inches of soil, what will it all mean? A healthy soil will show that the[...]
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Crown rust is considered one of the worst crop diseases since its strains can mutate to acquire new virulence and resistance.

Crown rust comes after oats

Part of the management challenge comes from its sources and its choice as a cover crop

Reading Time: 5 minutes In a production agriculture world where corn and soybeans have dominated the scene for much of the last 25 years, oats are supposedly one of the forgotten crops. There have been attempts to revive the grain’s standing, including the formation of the Oat and Barley Council of Ontario back in the early 2000s, as well[...]
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Seven deadly sins of grain marketing

Brian Voth has been telling producers about the “seven deadly sins of grain marketing” for several years, and although the catchy title gets them through the door to listen to him, the advice they go away with is invaluable. “What I talk about is, essentially, how to make marketing plans by doing it in reverse,[...]
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Eight things to look for in your soil test report

When you understand your soil reports, you’re in a better position to develop fertilizer plans with your agronomist. All soil testing labs report the same basic information, but each lab has its own unique format. No matter what your report looks like, first, check the information at the top: your name, address, field name, etc.[...]
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Eastern Ontario producers will benefit from Easton, one of two new hard red spring wheat varieties available for 2017.

New in spring cereals

They may not be large-acre crops, but their growers are dedicated

Reading Time: 3 minutes Production of spring wheat, oats and barley follows some rather rigid realities from one year to the next. It’s true that spring cereals are a tougher sell across most of Eastern Canada; there are more acres of soybeans or corn than there are of spring cereals combined. Yet it’s also a fact that those who[...]
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