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Latvia, Greece win opt-out from Monsanto GM crop

Reading Time: 2 minutes Brussels | Reuters — Monsanto said it would abide by Latvia’s and Greece’s requests under a new EU opt-out law to be excluded from its application to grow a genetically modified (GM) crop across the European Union, but accused them of ignoring science. Under a law signed in March individual countries can seek exclusion from […] Read more

WHO findings on glyphosate won’t speed up EU safety review

Reading Time: 2 minutes Brussels | Reuters –– EU regulators will not accelerate a decision on whether to restrict use of the world’s most widely used herbicide, even though it has been linked to cancer by the World Health Organization (WHO), officials said on Tuesday. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the WHO, said in […] Read more

Pesticides could lead to ‘pollination deficit,’ EU report says

Reading Time: 2 minutes Brussels | Reuters –– Evidence is mounting that widely-used pesticides harm moths, butterflies and birds as well as bees, adding to concerns crop production could be hit by a shortage of pollinators, according to a report drawn up for EU policymakers. The European Commission, the EU executive, placed restrictions on three neonicotinoid pesticides from Dec. […] Read more

EU provides aid to dairy sector after Russian ban

Reading Time: 2 minutes Brussels | Reuters — The European Commission announced financial support for exporters of dairy products hit by Russia’s ban on Western food imports, adding to emergency measures already taken to help fruit and vegetable producers. Moscow this month imposed a one-year embargo on meat, fish, dairy, fruit and vegetables from the U.S., the European Union, […] Read more

EU fruit, veg growers get $180M to help with Russia ban

Reading Time: 2 minutes Brussels | Reuters –– The European Union’s fruit and vegetable growers will get financial aid of up to 125 million euros (C$181.9 million) to help them cope with Russia’s ban on most Western food imports, which has created a glut of produce in peak harvest time, the European Commission said. Russia has declared a one-year […] Read more

EU agrees on plan to cap use of food-based biofuels

Reading Time: 2 minutes Luxembourg | Reuters — EU energy ministers agreed on Friday to limit production of biofuels made from food crops, responding to criticism they stoke inflation and do more environmental harm than good. The ministers’ endorsement of a compromise deal overcomes a stalemate hit late last year, when European Union governments failed to agree on a […] Read more

EU member states back compromise to allow GMO crops

Reading Time: 3 minutes Brussels | Reuters –– The European Union tackled deep divisions on genetically modified crops on Wednesday by striking a compromise pact that is likely to make it easier for them to win approval while allowing some countries to ban them. GM crops, although widely grown in the Americas and Asia, have divided opinion in Europe […] Read more

EU lawmakers deal blow to crop-based biofuels

Reading Time: 2 minutes EU efforts to limit the use of crop-based biofuels, increasingly seen as doing the planet more harm than good, won parliamentary backing on Thursday in what a top biodiesel company called “a very bad blow.” The vote in the European Parliament’s environment committee will be followed by a plenary vote, expected in September. It will […] Read more