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“We thought we won the war, but we dropped the ball,” Jean Harrington says. “Today we are not one step further along in the big picture with women in agriculture… and often we’ve done it to ourselves.”

Why aren’t farm women fighting harder?

It’s time to win back the ground we've have lost in the past 30 years

Reading Time: 9 minutes In the November issue of Country Guide, Saskatchewan farmer Leigh Rosengren challenged women to have an honest conversation about the career barriers individual women face living on farms in rural Canada. Further investigation reveals we need a hard look at the agriculture industry as a whole. Despite decades of work, women are still largely shut […] Read more

Farmer Barbie is one of over 200 “Barbie Career Dolls” from toy maker Mattel.

Farmer Barbie?

Is Farmer Barbie just another way to keep our daughters out of the business of farming, or is something more serious going on?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Next time you check out the toy aisle you might be surprised to find a Farmer Barbie doll on the shelves. She comes ready to farm dressed in a plaid shirt, denim overalls and rubber boots, with a red tractor, pink trailer, and an assortment of farm animals. Farmer Barbie is one of a line […] Read more

At conferences, speakers like Saskatchewan’s deputy minister of ag Alanna Koch chart a path for women’s progress.

Agriculture’s glass ceiling

If gender isn’t a big issue on the farm, why are so many women signing up for women’s organizations and conferences?

Reading Time: 5 minutes So maybe today’s farmers don’t absolutely need the muscles of a Schwarzenegger, especially on farms with employees. Still, that doesn’t mean the door is open to women farmers, or that our modern agricultural system is really as modern as we like to think. Women who want to farm do face challenges not experienced by their […] Read more