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Sudden death syndrome is expected to worsen in southwestern Ontario soybeans and root rot could also be a serious concern this year if the conditions at planting time are wet.

Soybean and corn disease threats in Eastern Canada

Growers will need to use all their experience, best management practices and new tools to successfully combat disease in 2020

Reading Time: 4 minutes Another crop season is upon us and certain disease threats stand out in soybeans and corn in Eastern Canada. “SDS (sudden death syndrome) is expected to worsen in southwestern Ontario soybeans and root rot could be a serious concern this year if the conditions at planting time are wet,” notes Dr. Owen Wally, research scientist […] Read more

The 2018 growing season was bad for gibberella ear rot in many corn fields and it remains a challenge.

Disease outlook for the 2020 crop season

We can’t be sure which diseases will attack this year, but indications are that once they arrive, they’ll be here to stay

Reading Time: 7 minutes What will be the big disease concern this year? Will it be tar spot in corn, or frog-eye leaf spot in soybeans? Or will growers be facing more of the same, with soybean cyst nematode and northern corn leaf blight? Forecasting diseases is iffy at best. The truth is that most disease pathogens, once they […] Read more

Figure 1. The white fluffy growth on Canada fleabane rosettes following several weeks in the cool and wet environment of the vernalization chamber.

Pest Patrol: White mould and Canada fleabane

#PestPatrol with Mike Cowbrough, OMAFRA

Reading Time: 2 minutes I could barely contain my excitement. What was this fluffy white stuff that had taken down large fleabane rosettes? Had I accidentally stumbled upon an effective biocontrol option for glyphosate-resistant Canada fleabane? I wondered, what would it take to reproduce this potent material so we could inoculate plants throughout Ontario? I quickly took a sample […] Read more

“There are also regions that are hit more frequently and much harder.” – Horst Bohner, OMAFRA

White mould in soybeans hits back

Vigilance is needed for a disease that’s still on the rise in many parts of Canada

Reading Time: 6 minutes Ask any grower about their soybean crop and the discussion might lean in a number of directions. It might turn to managing tough or resistant weed species in Eastern Canada, or the growing opportunities for the crop in Western Canada. If and when talk turns to diseases and pests, it’s more likely to concentrate on […] Read more

OMAFRA’s Tenuta calls white mould our most “fickle” disease

Disease risk for soybeans high

Soybean Guide: With so many rotations thrown out of sync, extra disease vigilance is essential for 2015

Reading Time: 8 minutes There’s only one word to describe the outlook for soybeans in 2015. It’s “more.” With a reasonable spring, Eastern Canada’s soybean crop may hit an amazing 3.25 million acres. But acreage isn’t the only number that may be up. We’re also likely to see more fields with second-year and some with third-year soybeans. Then, if […] Read more

In a growing season such as 2014, bumping seeding rates can overcome poor stands, planting issues, even poor pod-set.

A look back at thicker soybean stands

Is 2014 proof that we’ve been going in the wrong direction with soybean populations?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Sometimes it’s best to take a quick look in the rear-view mirror before considering where to go next. In farming, of course, it isn’t that simple. The weather next year will never be exactly the same as it was this year, and pest and disease pressures will vary too. Still, it’s essential to look for […] Read more