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The Väderstad Tempo F8 E is another high-speed planter that’s available to growers in Canada.

High-speed planting zooms ahead

But is it because of the time savings, or the yield increase?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hard to believe it’s already been eight years since high-speed planters were introduced in North America. The vanguard consisted largely of European manufacturers like Horsch, Amazone and Väderstad, with additions from John Deere, Precision Planting and, more recently, AgLeader. In that time, more growers have been adopting and adjusting their spring operations to use the […] Read more

Summers Manufacturing introduced the VRT Renegade this season, which includes on-the-go adjustability controlled from an iPad.

PHOTOS: Digging into tillage

New tillage tools on the market show manufacturers are finally setting their engineers free to rethink some of our most basic jobs

Reading Time: 3 minutes The steady advance in technology across the farm machinery sector has caught up with the design of good old-fashioned tillage equipment too. We’ve seen a steady stream of new and more sophisticated versions introduced this year from many brands. Take a look at just some of what debuted in the past 12 months. Versatile introduced […] Read more


Seed Hawk to take parent firm’s name

Reading Time: < 1 minute For Saskatchewan seeding, planting and tillage equipment maker Seed Hawk, the company name is changing but the brand remains the same. Seed Hawk, which has been 100 per cent owned by Swedish equipment manufacturer Vaderstad since 2013, has been renamed Vaderstad Industries effective Tuesday. The two companies said the name change “reflects the fuller integration […] Read more

Birgitta Ewerlöf took over as president and CEO of air drill manufacturer Seed Hawk in April.

New at the top

Here’s how Seed Hawk’s new Swedish CEO, Birgitta Ewerlöf, aims to capture corporate synergies and expand market share

Reading Time: 4 minutes [UPDATE: Nov. 29, 2017] Birgitta Ewerlöf was replaced as CEO of Seed Hawk by Nigel Jones as reported on Oct. 31, 2017. Farmers expected the change in paint colour, since the machines built under the Seed Hawk brand are being changed to match those marketed under parent company Väderstad’s brand. But we weren’t quite so […] Read more

A 62-bushel, front-mounted fertilizer hopper is available as an option for the Tempo V Series planters.

Vaderstad planter sets a new Tempo

Vaderstad introduces new models of its Tempo high-speed planters

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sweden’s Vaderstad is adding to its Tempo line of high-speed planters with two new versions that are destined for dealer lots in Canada. Mounted via a three-point-hitch, the new Tempo V planter is available in seven different models with working widths from 4.2 to 6.6 metres. The largest version is available as a 12-row, or […] Read more

Vaderstad high speed planter

Another European (farm equipment) invasion

Here’s a narrow-row drill that might be in your future, if you’ve got the horsepower to pull it

Reading Time: 5 minutes In 2014, all eyes seemed to be on high-speed planting, with John Deere launching its new entry early in the year, joining the ranks of European manufacturers Amazone, Horsch and Vaderstad. Horsch was the latest to join the ranks with a high-speed corn planter in 2013 while Amazone and Vaderstad have been mainstays for several […] Read more

Development of the Tempo high-speed corn planter was the impetus for Väderstad taking over its Canadian partner, allowing it to further develop North American markets.

Drive, innovation unites equipment manufacturers

Curiouser and curiouser... corn brings Swedish equipment manufacturer Väderstad to rural Saskatchewan to buy the Seed Hawk brand

Reading Time: 4 minutes The sign at Seed Hawk’s air drill manufacturing facility in rural Saskatchewan says “Welcome.” Maybe, though, it should now be “Välkommen,” seeing that Väderstad, a global tillage and seeding equipment brand founded and still headquartered in Sweden acquired a minority interest in Seed Hawk in 2007, and earlier this year took over its former Canadian partner. […] Read more