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Many students coming out of college and university aren’t aware they lack some of the core skills they will need on the job, says BASF’s Melissa Parkinson.

Job starts

Here’s how one corporation is responding to the same challenge farmers face — creating great team members out of today’s college and university grads

Reading Time: 6 minutes Maybe their parents are starting to understand that a key trend for Canada’s young people — whether they’re on the farm or off — is to look to social media to find the people and the opinions that will shape them and their careers. Still, the parents are worried, sometimes with good reason. After making […] Read more

Selling sales

When schools look down on sales, marketing and personal skills, you the farmer lose as much as the students

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ask most recruiters or human resource professionals working in ag today and they will tell you there is a growing gap between the skills needed to perform key roles in agribusiness and the skills that high school, college or university students can bring to the job. Lori Litherland, founder of agricultural recruiter Litherland and Company, […] Read more

Agriculture is the hot new program on campus, with enrolments booming and corporate grants up too.

Agriculture classes on university campuses continue to grow

It isn’t only a robust farm economy that’s driving post-secondary ag education, but job opportunities and heavy recruitment too

Reading Time: 5 minutes The story is the same across the country. “Our application numbers in all of our programs are up,” says Joe Varamo, manager of academic programs for Ontario Agricultural College, Canada’s largest ag university, where total ag enrolment has climbed to 2,600, up from 2,000 just four years ago. “We’ve gone from accepting approximately 450 students […] Read more

Editor’s Desk: Test the next generation

Reading Time: 2 minutes I can’t help thinking we’d all be better off if some of those exuberant FCC T-shirts that shout “100% Farm Boy” or “Future Farmer” would curb their enthusiasm just a notch. Yes, it’s a great time in agriculture, all things considered, and yes, agriculture is a great place to be, but we should think twice […] Read more