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The farm reason to travel

Actually, the COVID-19 pandemic is a great chance to re-think how ‘off the beaten track’ travel and extended time overseas can be great business catalysts. Three farmers and a business professor tell us how it works for them

Reading Time: 8 minutes Of course there’s a cost. Travel is an education, but how and where you travel means you do have to make the time, you do have to have the means, and you must seize an opportunity to do it. What do you get for that investment? The answer is both simple and complicated. Travel will […] Read more

My 11 steps to making better decisions

What does making a documentary in India have to do with farm management decision-making? As it turns out, a lot

Reading Time: 6 minutes Are the decisions you make based on solid information and knowledge, or are they based on bias and emotions? This is a critical question everyone needs to ask because the basis on which decisions are made ultimately determines the quality of the decisions. In the run up to New Year’s, I realized that 2019 marks […] Read more

George Meggison with his Japanese host family.

Want to travel? Here’s how

‘Opportunities are out there,’ says 4-H’s Melina Found. It’s a case of saying yes to them

Reading Time: 5 minutes As is clear from the photograph above, George Meggison loves travelling and learning about different people and places. Plus, with plans to study agriculture at university and then return to the family farm, he wants to see as much of the world as he can while he is young. “I think it’s very important to […] Read more

Travel plans

They farm better because they travel, say Alex and Kelty and Jordan and Alyson McKay. Besides, it makes life so much richer

Reading Time: 8 minutes After catching the travel bug before they were old enough to drive, Alex and Jordan McKay made seeing the world a priority during their early 20s and 30s. With the encouragement of their parents, they took every opportunity to travel they could. There had to be compromises, naturally. With a thriving farm business to run […] Read more

Farm travel

It’s a world full of farms, and more and more Canadian farmers are signing up for travel opportunities to experience them

Reading Time: 8 minutes Words like “holiday” and “vacation” just weren’t in her parents’ vocabulary when Lu Inkster grew up on her family’s Ontario cattle farm in the 1950s. Her parents had immigrated to Canada from Belgium after the Second World War, and to them the concept of taking time off was both foreign and unattainable. “People like my […] Read more

You meet people from all over the world, so you have to learn to work with others,” says Andria Karstens. “The more you do this, the better you get at it.”

Study abroad

More young people, including young farmers, are heading overseas to expand the skills they’ll bring back home

Reading Time: 5 minutes Of all the ways a person can prepare for a career, spending time far from the classroom and away from familiar surroundings may actually have the most impact. Lisa Blenkinsop, manager of the Studies Abroad program at the University of Guelph, hears this feedback over and over again from students who have spent time studying […] Read more

Hanson Acres: Ouch!!!… Now the Hansons really need help

The question is, is Elaine’s idea for finding that help as harebrained as one person in particular seems to think?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Thanks, Elaine,” Donna said, watching her daughter-in-law clear the supper table while Elaine’s son Connor wandered off to play and the baby napped in the corner. “You two need all the help you can get,” Elaine laughed, looking at Donna’s casted foot resting on a flowered pillow. Dale hadn’t wanted to say, “I told you […] Read more

Hanson Acres: Where is this flight heading?

When the tourist brochure arrived, it looked so innocent

Reading Time: 5 minutes You’re really sure this is a good idea?” Dale asked his wife. “Dale, I’ve had the tickets since December,” Donna said. Then her phone beeped and she looked down at the screen in her hand while she kept talking. “It’s a little late to go changing my mind now. I’d let the other women down. […] Read more

Parker sees Canada’s poor track record of attracting youth to agriculture as a threat to our sustainability. She also sees it as fixable.

Promoting agriculture around the globe

Why are other countries better than Canada at getting their young people excited about careers in agriculture? With support from Glacier FarmMedia, Nuffield scholar Becky Parker is on her way to find out

Reading Time: 5 minutes Becky Parker’s passion for agriculture and its future shines through when she talks about her upcoming two-year research adventure as a Nuffield scholar. But Parker also knows that it’s going to take the best people doing the best work to keep our agriculture at the forefront. In particular, she is focused on one crucial question. […] Read more