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Biobeds contain a mix of topsoil, compost and straw to absorb and then break down the pesticides to the point where they pose no further threat to the environment.

Cleaning up the leftovers

AAFC has prepared a comprehensive manual on how to use “biobeds” to process pesticide sprayer rinsate

Reading Time: 5 minutes Despite careful calculation to mix just the right amount of pesticide to cover a field, there’s sometimes that little bit left over, or the rinsate which gets dumped onto a grassy or non-crop area, which can harm the environment. Up to 80 per cent of contaminants found in water bodies trace back to farms, according […] Read more

“I can’t tell you how often I hear, ‘Oh, it’s just a fungicide, fog it in. Pesticide drift is pesticide drift, whether it has instant visual damage or economic damage, or not.” – Jason Deveau, 'Spray Guy'

‘Spray Guy’ puts the nix on ‘cavalier’ fungicide application

Fungicide drift should earn the same prevention as herbicide, according to one of Western Canada’s best-known spraying experts

Reading Time: 3 minutes Most farmers are more worried about drift if they’ve got herbicide in the tank, but at least one spray expert says those same concerns should apply to fungicide and insecticide. “I can’t tell you how often I hear, ‘Oh, it’s just a fungicide, fog it in,” said Jason Deveau, the fondly nicknamed “spray guy” from […] Read more

Tom Wolf says “stronger, faster, higher” may not be the right approach for sprayers to provide maximum efficiency.

Agrimetrix takes aim at exploding sprayer myths

Farmers today need to spray several times a year, and two former AAFC researchers have formed a company to help them get the product to the right place at the right time

Reading Time: 7 minutes If Tom Wolf is the face of agricultural spraying in Western Canada, then Brian Caldwell is the hands. The two co-owners of Agrimetrix, an agricultural spray research and training company based in Saskatoon, share an overlapping skillset, but they have carved distinctive individual niches. Wolf spends much of his time talking about spraying in a […] Read more

Lakeside Grain and Feed held an InterLock field demonstration in 2008 and today have roughly a dozen farmers who are using the system.

Tighter spray control in the field

Should you be looking at the InterLock system to reduce off-target risk?

Reading Time: 6 minutes What’s in a name? Plenty — especially when it comes to reducing off-target movement of spray applications. The buzz around the launch of Xtend soybeans in 2017 is creating a new level of scrutiny on spray applications. Like it or not, consumers and governments are watching, and increased diligence is warranted. Re-enter the InterLock system. […] Read more

Large tires moving at high speeds are the biggest source of air turbulence behind the sprayer. This year, PAMI is conducting further field experiments with a new 120-foot boom John Deere.

Sprayer speed a turbulent topic

As sprayers go faster, aerodynamics start to come into play. A PAMI project is evaluating if they affect spray deposition

Reading Time: 3 minutes On the surface, spraying seems straightforward. But a closer look at the multitude of factors that can influence how best to get product from the spray tank to the plant surface reveals something akin to a massive puzzle with a couple of pieces missing. One of the people trying to make that picture complete is […] Read more

Applying fungicide by air

If you choose an aerial applicator to apply your fungicide, be aware of timing and water volume

Reading Time: 3 minutes Dr. Tom Wolf, researcher and owner of Agrimetrix Research and Training, says aerial applicators are “tremendously important.” “They apply spray under conditions that a ground rig can’t — for example, with soil moisture. They cover much more area than a ground rig ever can so they can be more timely. ”Jill Lane, executive director of […] Read more

Except for a few living plants in this missed patch (foreground), sprayer tank residue knocked back a huge area of this canola field.

Where crop spray chemical goes, clean those

When it comes to cleaning sprayers, the tank is just one target. Here are a few tips for better, faster clean-outs

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ken Munro’s sprayer clean-out strategy is to send tank cleaner wherever the chemical goes. “We start at the chemical inductor and go from there,” says Munro, who farms and works at Central Alberta Co-op’s Green Way Agro Centre in Innisfail. Just cleaning the tank isn’t good enough. Sprayer specialist Tom Wolf — @nozzle_guy — echoed […] Read more