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The Cellulosic Sugar Producers Co-operative will do all the mowing, baling and transportation for the co-op members.

Cellulosic sugars co-op offer improves, hosting baling demos

First demonstration takes place on Nov. 14 in Watford, Ont.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Farmers continue to sign up for an Ontario co-operative that will pay them for their corn stover and wheat straw. Brian Cofell, general manager of the Cellulosic Sugar Producers Co-operative (CSPC) says that the co-op has about 40 per cent of the acres committed that it needs by next fall, when it plans to harvest […] Read more

Mexican tour participants, including Luis Cortes (l), have a hands-on opportunity to make tortillas in Cigi’s pilot bakery.

Competing with Russian wheat

Newer wheat classes provide an opportunity to serve Mexican markets that don’t need CWRS

Reading Time: 3 minutes Western Canadian wheat classes such as Canada Prairie Spring Red (CPSR) and the new Canada Northern Hard Red (CNHR) have recently been attracting attention from Mexican millers to meet their end-uses. Senior managers from Grupo Trimex, Mexico’s largest milling company and a customer of CWRS, attended a one-week technical exchange at the Canadian International Grains […] Read more

A bread sample made with regular wheat flour (l) and yellow pea flour combined with wheat flour (r).

Building a complete protein package

Bringing wheat and pulses together for healthier baked products — a formula for new opportunities

Reading Time: 3 minutes As more innovative uses for pulses are explored in response to global demand for healthier food products, Canadian pulse producers may look forward to increasing demand for their crops. Together with Warburtons, the U.K.’s largest bakery brand, the Canadian International Grains Institute is undertaking its most comprehensive investigation into quality characteristics and functionality of pulses […] Read more

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s HarvestPlus program is supporting several projects to add micronutrients to crops, such as this zinc-fortified wheat flour in India.

Taking fertilizer beyond yield

Plant breeding is the ultimate solution but in the meantime, foliar fertilizer shows promise in reducing micronutrient deficiency

Reading Time: 3 minutes While many people are focused on the fight to end hunger, Ismail Cakmak is focused on the fight to end hidden hunger. “Hunger is a lack of food and that is related to food security,” Cakmak told participants during a special seminar at the University of Manitoba this summer. “But hidden hunger means lack of […] Read more

Malawian subsistence farmer Rozaria Hamiton plants sweet potatoes near the capital Lilongwe, Malawi February 1, 2016.

Sweet potato experts win World Food Prize

The foursome has worked to improve nutrition in sweet potatoes

Reading Time: < 1 minute Four scientists who specialized in sweet potatoes were named the winners of this year’s World Food Prize on June 28 for their work to make foods more nutritious. Maria Andrade of Cape Verde, Robert Mwanga of Uganda and American Jan Low, who all are from the Lima, Peru-based International Potato Center, and American Howarth Bouis […] Read more

Making change for cereal crop development

In the wake of deregulation, the cereals sector has needed to reorganize itself, and so far it seems like the major pieces have been picked up

Reading Time: 7 minutes When the Canadian Wheat Board was losing the single desk, there was no shortage of dire predictions about what the fallout might be. Even many of those in favour of an open market conceded that there were a lot of moving parts, and it was going to be necessary to proceed with caution lest very […] Read more

Pasta involves mixing durum semolina with water to form a stiff dough which is then extruded through a mould or die.

The difference between noodles and pasta

Noodles are usually made from common wheat, while pasta is mainly made with durum

Reading Time: 3 minutes Noodles and pasta are common food products that people often think are the same thing, but beneath the surface there is a lot that differentiates them, says a technical staff member at Cigi (Canadian International Grains Institute). “Visitors to Cigi’s processing facilities frequently ask what is the difference between them,” says Kasia Kaminska, technician in […] Read more

Boosting bread flour with barley

Barley can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, regulate blood glucose levels and possibly offset certain cancers

Reading Time: 3 minutes Finding better ways to mill Canadian food barley into flour may open opportunities for its commercial use as a healthy ingredient. Preliminary work done several years ago at Cigi (Canadian International Grains Institute) revealed that milling performance of food barley is improved when it is blended with wheat, producing flour with enhanced nutritional properties. During […] Read more