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Western Canada has seen a substantial expansion of soybean acres.

The wild ride in soybean markets continues

Most years offer some reasonable pricing opportunities. This winter, they may be difficult to find

Reading Time: 5 minutes From small beginnings in the deep southwest of Ontario, soybeans in 2018 have expanded across Canada in a very big way. In fact, when you commence the drive from Windsor, Ont., soybean fields dominate the landscape along the 401 corridor and into Quebec. It is the same in parts of Manitoba, with smaller acreages dotting […] Read more

A demanding year ahead for soybean markets

With bumper crops expected around the world, soybean growers will need to juggle currency rates, weather anomalies and key demand drivers to find their best soybean price in 2018

Reading Time: 5 minutes Soybeans are a great crop to grow. This is reflected in the 3.1 million acres of soybeans grown this past year across Ontario. Driving from Windsor to Montreal and beyond, soybeans are a common sight. It’s on the other side of the world, though, that China, the world’s biggest consumer of soybeans, imported a whopping […] Read more

A year to watch soybean markets

Global soybean supplies are up, but demand is surging too. Any production hiccups could see new market spikes

Reading Time: 5 minutes Soybeans continue to amaze. While 40 and 50 years ago they were relegated to the deep southwest of Ontario, now they are grown increasingly across Canada. When you drive from Windsor, Ont., toward Quebec City, soybean fields dominate the landscape, while acreage climbs in the Prairie provinces as well. Simply put, soybeans are challenging the […] Read more

How do we find that sweet spot for marketing our soybeans with a low dollar and a high futures price?

Soybean market outlook

Soybean Guide: When a supply interruption eventually comes, which it will, soybean prices will have to go up to ration demand

Reading Time: 5 minutes Driving through Eastern Canada this summer, you could see the crop everywhere. Fields of soybeans stretched from Windsor, Ont. into Quebec and beyond into New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. And that’s without even mentioning the West. Soybeans have truly transformed the farm landscape over the last several decades. They have become an integral part […] Read more

It is often said that soybeans can be the great liars, since their production potential is often very difficult to measure in season. – Philip Shaw (above)

2015 soybean market outlook

Soybean Guide: Demand is keeping pace with increased production, but will that continue? Here’s what to watch

Reading Time: 5 minutes With every new year come great challenges. For Canadian farmers looking out into their 2015 planning horizon, soybeans are increasingly a large part of that. Where once soybeans were relegated to the deep southwest of Ontario, now there are three million acres in Ontario and 836,000 in Quebec, plus over one million acres in Manitoba […] Read more

Pearce: Short-term price rally may be just that

Reading Time: 2 minutes In most circumstances in business and farming, the saying “slow and steady wins the race” is true more often than not. Since the start of 2014, farmers have been hearing about a downturn in commodity prices. A high carryout from the 2013 crop in the U.S. (and continued growth in other parts of the world) […] Read more