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Tillage is the number one soil-degrading process, says one University of Manitoba professor.

Tillage erosion costing farmers billions

The pressure to get an early start on newer crops such as corn and soybeans encourages tillage practices which may not be sustainable

Reading Time: 5 minutes This past spring was one of the worst on record for so-called “snirt,” or dirty snow, in ditches across the Prairies — a sign that wind is moving loose topsoil to the margins of fields. While snirt is an indication that fields are susceptible to wind erosion, however, University of Manitoba soil science professor David […] Read more

Growers who are considering multi-species cover crops should determine their specific goals: Is it to scavenge nutrients, help cycle them from subsoil or store them for future use?

Is it time you get started with a cover crop?

Cover crops may not be as simple as we used to think. But they aren’t that complex either

Reading Time: 6 minutes The funny thing about implementing change is that it’s possible to over-think a situation and become mired in the process of simply getting started. A person becomes so concerned with the challenges of the “how” that they begin to lose sight of the value of the “why.” In other words, getting started can be the […] Read more

Those attending Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show got to see the Vogelsang unit up close.

A new era for manure?

European design promises to put more manure where it can push the throttle on crop yields

Reading Time: 9 minutes If you’ve been around livestock production for the past 20 years, the concept of using drag hoses to apply manure won’t strike you as anything so very new, yet the arrival of the Vogelsang dribble-bar application system with its precision distribution is generating a lot of interest and anticipation. The unit was on display at […] Read more

Cover crops can be key to healthy soil

Starting out small and being flexible will improve your chance of success

Reading Time: < 1 minute The popularity of cover crops is growing and some farmers are discovering benefits of moisture retention, improved filtration, and increased organic matter for their efforts. But choosing the right cover crop and having the proper knowledge before you begin is important. We met with crop consultant Dan Towery at the recent OSCIA to hear his thoughts […] Read more