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The rise of popularity in the internet has generated the unfortunate rise in cybercrime as well.

How to protect yourself online

Cybercriminals used to go after big business. Now they know you’re easier to hit

Reading Time: 4 minutes The internet has been a boon to farm businesses. Whether it’s ordering farm supplies online, hosting an online store, problem solving, communicating with the farm team and other farmers, accessing detailed weather forecasts or marketing info, the list of the ways we rely on the internet every day is long. Unfortunately, as the internet has […] Read more

In the not-too-distant future, a farmer’s job will be more about managing data than managing soil.

Farming in 2030: Big data

The last time there was a change this big in farming, it was mechanization. The question is: are you open to exploring how it can work for you?

Reading Time: 5 minutes If you’ve got a cell phone anywhere close to you as you read this, you’re part of the data revolution in agriculture, whether you realize it or not, and whether you want to be or not. That’s probably a good thing. Certainly, the potential benefits are amazing. “The smartphone is going to be one of […] Read more

Phone snubbing or “phubbing” is a term used to describe when someone glances at their phone while you are talking to them.

Get smarter with your smartphone

Your phone is engineered to be addictive. No wonder it pays to set your own rules

Reading Time: 5 minutes There’s no doubt that smartphones are an incredible tool for farmers. We get the power of the internet in a device that fits in our pockets. With it comes the ability to check the weather, sell grain, listen to an audiobook, or identify a weed at the touch of our fingertips. Add in social media, […] Read more

Figure 4.

Pest Patrol: Use your phone to capture and document pest activity

#PestPatrol with Mike Cowbrough, OMAFRA

Reading Time: 3 minutes “If you want to have the upper hand on weeds, you need to know every little detail about their existence.” The above quote is straight from the great Jack Alex, retired botany professor and herbarium curator at the Ontario Agriculture College, who used to repeat it to me at every opportunity. Fortunately, most of us […] Read more

Australian farmer David Ricardo has developed a farm machinery maintenance and service app.

Easy service scheduling for farm machinery

Australian smartphone app puts farm fleet service records on your device

Reading Time: 2 minutes Growing up on the farm, I can remember the small garage in the yard had a long list of oil change dates written on the inside wall by the door. At the time, that seemed a fully adequate maintenance record. After all, there were only two tractors to keep track of. Today, however, tracking equipment […] Read more

Seeding smartphone tips

Cellphones have been dubbed “smartphones” but sometimes the way folks are addicted to them causes dumb problems. I’ve read three articles that suggest that cellphones are creating isolation, poorer communication and less robust relationships. Stress rises when there is a million-dollar crop to get in the ground, excess moisture, and too many jobs for the[...]
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Guide Life: Distracted driving

On the farm or on the road, turn that cellphone off!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Farmers know safety is important. So why do so many of us overlook one of the leading causes of injury and death? Distracted driving is a contributing factor in 80 per cent of vehicle collisions, leading to four million car crashes in North America each year. And in case you’re skeptical, those aren’t numbers that[...]
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Guide HR: A goldfish is sharper than you (thanks to smartphones)

We think we do more in this age of instant information, but the quantity and quality of our work actually suffers. We lose on every metric: health, productivity and relationships

Reading Time: 4 minutes Researchers recently surveyed 2,000 Canadians and also studied the brain activity of 112 individuals using electroencephalograms. What they found is quite intriguing. Canadians’ average attention span was 8.25 seconds in these studies in 2015. In 2000, it had been 12 seconds. The average attention span of a goldfish is… nine seconds. How did this happen?[...]
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Digital Marketing 101 and social media tips that help promote your farm

In this last column of our value-added series, we look at how social media can boost your value-add project

Reading Time: 5 minutes Anyone can tell you (in fact, they probably already have, more than once) that the Internet is too powerful a tool to ignore for marketing your value-added products. But exactly how can you harness its potential to reach your own goals? When creating an online presence, Nigel Gordijk, owner of Common Sense Design in New[...]
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VIDEO: Moving your farm data from field to cloud

Reading Time: < 1 minute Cloud computing is coming to the farm. For more information on what cloud computing is, how it might benefit your farm, and what you need to think about before you send your data to the cloud, check out this interview with Kim Keller. Kim Keller is co-founder of Farm At Hand, an app that allows[...]
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