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Uganda’s small family farms largely missed out on the Green Revolution. But maybe that’s an advantage.

Uganda decides: go big or go small

Morrison Rwakakamba is a presidential adviser. He is a farmer too. In this African country, that puts him at the heart of some of our planet’s most vital issues

Reading Time: 6 minutes Like any farmer anywhere, Morrison Rwakakamba feels that farming is in his DNA, yet this 35-year-old finds himself pulled in two directions — home to his farm in the southwest corner of Uganda, but also to the city and to the corridors of power in the capital Kampala where he has been appointed special adviser […] Read more

Half of all American farm sales are generated by a mere 1.6 per cent of the country’s farms

Can American farms keep getting bigger?

Now even big farmers have their doubts and feel it's reached a tipping point

Reading Time: 5 minutes About three hours north of the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana Delta Plantation was the largest U.S. crop farm, working 100,000 acres. But that was only until 2005. Then the farm was broken up and sold. During a decade of its dizzying climb, Eddie Davis managed up to 34,000 acres for the company. It was easy […] Read more