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Lack of notice a worry on India fumigation exemption

Reading Time: < 1 minute CNS Canada — The CEO of Canada’s pulse industry association says he’s starting to become concerned because a fumigation exemption granted to Canadian pulses exported to India remains expired after 12 days. Normally this exemption is renewed within three or four days, said Gord Bacon of Pulse Canada. Bacon said he checks his email every […] Read more

Instant noodles made with 20 per cent yellow pea flour had a five per cent increase in protein compared to a retail sample.

Adding nutritional punch to instant noodles

The go-to quick meal for university students could be improved with Prairie peas

Reading Time: 3 minutes Quick, easy and tasty, but a bit too high in fat and salt and a bit low in nutrition. Ever-popular instant noodles could be improved, based on results of Canadian International Grains Institute research focused on developing new uses for Canadian pulses. Since 2014 Cigi has been conducting a four-year project funded by Pulse Canada […] Read more

Pulse crop strategy aims to broaden pulse demand

Reading Time: 2 minutes A new market development goal for Canada’s pulse crop industry hopes to create demand in use categories where pulses aren’t yet a major player. Pulse Canada’s board on Wednesday released a new target dubbed “25 by 2025,” under which the Canadian pulse crop grower/processor industry “will marshal its resources to create new demand in new […] Read more

Hasta la vista, meat; more pulses needed to feed hungry world

Call to reduce world meat consumption could benefit Canada's pulse growers

Reading Time: 5 minutes Everyone from university professors to investment bankers and even Arnold Schwarzenegger are adding their voices to calls for reducing world meat consumption, in favour of a greater focus on plant-based proteins. As that sentiment mounts, it could bode well for Canada’s pea and lentil growers. A group of investors representing US$1.25 trillion in assets is […] Read more

Rail interswitching rule seen already paying dividends

Reading Time: 3 minutes A 2014 federal rule that expanded rail options for some Prairie grain shippers has already made for more competitive freight rates and service and should be renewed this summer, commodity groups say. Pulse Canada, Grain Growers of Canada and Alberta’s crop commissions on Tuesday called on the federal government to extend provisions from the previous […] Read more

Heather Maskus of Cigi works with customers to show how pulse flours can be blended in foods such as baked goods and pasta.

Canadian pulses for the world

Cigi will engage with industry on pulse quality during International Year of Pulses

Reading Time: 2 minutes In recognition of the United Nations declaration of 2016 as International Year of Pulses (IYP), several pulse-related events are planned in Canada and other countries in an effort to draw global attention to the use of pulses. Themes being promoted include food security, nutrition and innovation; creating awareness; market access and stability; and productivity and […] Read more

Martin Entz sees opportunity for grain and livestock producers to work together on a more sustainable combination of annual and perennial crops.

Is momentum being lost for sustainable agriculture?

Farmers have made great strides toward sustainability, but there are fears that we’re starting to slip back

Reading Time: 5 minutes Have we become more sustainable?” asks Martin Entz, professor of natural systems agriculture at the University of Manitoba. “In some ways we’ve moved forward a long way, but there’s also some things we’ve moved backwards on.” Farmers have scored big wins in erosion control, the rate of organic matter loss, water use efficiency, weed management, […] Read more

Taking the pulse of soybeans in the West

Soybean Guide: For soybeans to take over in the West, they’ll need to nudge pulses aside. These farmers say, don’t bet on it

Reading Time: 4 minutes Pulses are among Canada’s crop success stories, with strong agronomics and dynamite market opportunities. But a new challenger is trying to win acres away from pulses, and yes, that challenge is extremely well established in other parts of North America and around the globe, which means this might become an interesting family fight. But the […] Read more