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Editor’s Note: Getting real about what 2021 means

Reading Time: 2 minutes The worst thing about agriculture is that it goes in cycles. Or so an uncle used to say. “And the worst thing about cycles,” he said, “is that wherever you are in one, it feels like it’s going to stay that way forever.”  So maybe Uncle Lyle wasn’t as scientific as Bonnie Whitehead, who launches […] Read more

Farm psychology: aging and generativity

Farm psychology: aging and generativity

Guide Psychology: There are four essential acts of generativity

Reading Time: 4 minutes Editor’s Note: Bonnie Whitehead, M.Sc. (psychology) launches her new CG column demonstrating how the rapidly evolving science of psychology can improve your business and personal farm success. She begins with generativity and its exciting opportunity to keep us strong and vibrant as we age. Our motivation to achieve is deeply embedded in our personalities. The […] Read more

Find your flow

Find your flow

The path to feeling happier and healthier, from the science of positive psychology

Reading Time: 5 minutes If you’ve ever looked up at the clock and been surprised at how much time has passed, you were likely experiencing what positive psychologists call a state of flow. It’s in these flow experiences that you lose your sense of self. Your worries disappear and time slows down, says Sarah Gregg, a life and business […] Read more

Creating a better place to work

Creating a better place to work

Use new findings in psychology to create spaces where you and your family will thrive

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s a basic human need to have a space where you feel comfortable, safe and secure. Having a place to rest, refresh and revitalize can help us cope with the extraordinary challenges of farming and the pandemic. While we can’t control everything in our environments, if we pay attention to what we can control we […] Read more

How to help a grieving friend

How to help a grieving friend

No, you can’t take a friend’s grief away. But you can help

Reading Time: 5 minutes When a friend has suffered the death of a loved one, we want to help but often we are unsure what to say or do. Even worse, we worry that what we think we should do could be exactly the opposite of what we actually should say, and could cause damage to our friend or […] Read more

Farmers in a Canola Field

Use science to be a better agvocate

To capture someone’s interest you need to find a way to connect on an emotional level

Reading Time: 3 minutes As a farmer, you use science every day. On a day like today you might even use it to calculate how much snow load your barn can withstand, or to improve the success of your agvocacy efforts. Research shows that to build successful farmer-consumer relationships, we need to connect with people emotionally by telling our […] Read more

Once you realize you’re procrastinating, the solution is to ask yourself what the next step would be and act on it.

Promises to yourself

When the pressure is on, farmers get amazing things done. Now, a new technique called WOOP can help you score when the pressure is off as well

Reading Time: 5 minutes Farmers are good at getting things done under pressure. When the crop needs to get in the ground or the hay has to be baled before the rain, farmers follow through. But when there’s no deadline, farmers can fall prey to procrastination just like everybody else, says Carleton University professor Dr. Tim Pychyl, who also […] Read more

Farmer in field

Me, myself and I

Yes, it takes self-confidence to run a farm. But every farmer also knows a neighbour whose ego is always getting in the way. Could it be you?

Reading Time: 6 minutes The business of farming is a constant battle with weather, prices, weeds, diseases and much more. It means identifying the risks, learning how to measure them, learning about all the tools to counteract them… and maybe it should also involve buying a mirror. Ego by itself is neither good nor bad. It’s simply a Latin […] Read more

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Editor’s Note: Six ingredients of an ideal farm successor

Reading Time: 2 minutes Several articles in our May/June issue of Country Guide examine what may be the toughest question of all. Does your farm’s next generation have what it’s going to take to succeed in 2050? Fortunately, science can help. I’ve suggested before in this space that as farms continue their likely evolution in asset value and in […] Read more

upset sad sad child girl in stress sits and cries at an empty dark wall

The grieving child

Even in the strongest farm families, we often try to shelter our children rather than help them address the loss of a parent, grandparent or family friend

Reading Time: 5 minutes When a child is facing the death of a loved one, our first instinct is often to try to shelter them. Unfortunately, following that instinct may do more harm than good. One of the biggest mistakes people make is waiting too long to tell a child a loved one is dying, says Andrea Warnick, a […] Read more