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“Not having family members that were farming made some things more difficult,” Lydia Carpenter says. “In other ways, it was an asset to us.”

The way it happens

How do new farmers get a start in Canada? Every story is unique, but so often it starts, as here, with the right people somehow getting together

Reading Time: 10 minutes If, as the Roman philosopher Seneca said, “Luck is what happens when preparation and opportunity meet,” Lydia Carpenter and Wian Prinsloo are the living embodiment of it. They have always had an interest in food production, yet neither had grown up on a farm, and when they set out to follow their passion in their […] Read more

Single-floor barns will be the easiest to adapt to modular loading of chickens.

Modular chicken loading means processor, farmer investment

Benefits include improved animal welfare and better workplace safety

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ontario will be joining most of the rest of Canada in moving to modular loading of chickens. But the change, mandated by Chicken Farmers of Ontario by 2024, will mean renovations to barns, some major, and investment by processors and transporters. Most chickens in the province are nabbed by chicken catchers in barns and carried to […] Read more

“You know it can work, it’s a matter of finding a way to make it work on your operation with your own climate.” – Brian Newcombe, Cornwallis Farms.

Building on 255 years

On this Nova Scotia farm, the ninth generation takes a decidedly modern approach to soybeans

Reading Time: 5 minutes Two and half centuries is a long time for a family to be farming. But brothers Craig and Brian Newcombe are leveraging the latest cropping techniques and business smarts to build the farm for the 10th generation of Newcombes. Part of the ninth generation of Corn­wallis Farms near Port Williams, N.S., the Newcombes manage a […] Read more