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My crystal ball shows risk in expecting higher food prices

The world will need more food but unless production increases can’t meet that demand, today’s prices probably won’t change much

Reading Time: 2 minutes I attended the annual conference of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association, held recently in Boston. Conferences of this type are always tainted by the flavour du jour. Hence, no surprise that conversations were dominated by the current downturn in U.S. agriculture. I was left with a couple of key takeaway thoughts for Canadian agriculture. […] Read more

Small Town USA

Keeping small towns alive, building communities that thrive

Saving our small communities has less to do with keeping our kids at home than giving them reasons to return

Reading Time: 5 minutes Rural communities across Canada know the challenges all too well. Populations are shrinking, and services of all kinds are getting harder and harder to maintain, not only for businesses but also for new Canadians, the disabled, the elderly and those suffering from mental health challenges or addictions. It’s not all doom and gloom though. Doug […] Read more

Uganda’s small family farms largely missed out on the Green Revolution. But maybe that’s an advantage.

Uganda decides: go big or go small

Morrison Rwakakamba is a presidential adviser. He is a farmer too. In this African country, that puts him at the heart of some of our planet’s most vital issues

Reading Time: 6 minutes Like any farmer anywhere, Morrison Rwakakamba feels that farming is in his DNA, yet this 35-year-old finds himself pulled in two directions — home to his farm in the southwest corner of Uganda, but also to the city and to the corridors of power in the capital Kampala where he has been appointed special adviser […] Read more