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Doug Baron cuts the cake celebrating 20 years of giving by the Carberry and Area Community Foundation.

Rural communities take the charitable lead

Once again, the generosity of farmers is proving vital in rural Canada. This time, it helps to get good financial advice

Reading Time: 8 minutes The Baron family farm is close to the Manitoba town of Carberry in more ways than one. The farm is located right on the edge of the town, halfway between Brandon and Portage la Prairie, and the Barons have called it home since their grandparents homesteaded here in the 1930s. That makes some very deep […] Read more

The main reason why most people don’t volunteer is simply because no one has ever asked them, Kirkwood-Whyte points out. Everyone has a gift, she says. The goal is to identify those gifts, and ask them to share.

Time to volunteer!!

There’s a critical need for farmers and farm families to give their time to protect and enhance the quality of rural life

Reading Time: 5 minutes Volunteers are the heart of a community. Despite their isolation and sparse populations — or maybe because of it — farm communities in particular have been held up for generations as models of neighbourliness, with families supporting each other in times of need. Now, neighbourliness may not be enough. Something more structured is needed, with […] Read more