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These are insects that have co-evolved with the particular target weed,” explains Robert Bourchier, AAFC biocontrol researcher at Lethbridge. “They are screened to ensure their specificity.”

Controlling crop weeds with beneficial insects

Flea beetles that eat leafy spurge are only the first wave of biological weed control

Reading Time: 5 minutes What is it about weeds? No matter how hard you try to eradicate them, they always come back. Worse still, each method of weed control has its drawbacks. Spraying with herbicides can lead to weed resistance if the same product is used continuously. Tillage can result in soil erosion (remember the Dirty ’30s?), and although […] Read more

Back in 1978, we sold a litre 
of Roundup for $33, setting the cost of quackgrass (above) control at $66 
per acre, equivalent to about 
$235 per acre in 2014 dollars

We’ve come a long way

Weed control evolution has occurred incrementally over the years, but looking back at the sweep of history shows some very impressive gains

Reading Time: 5 minutes Some might remember the 1970s cigarette commercial featuring the slogan, “You’ve come a long way, baby.” Well, as I think back to how we controlled pests in the early days of my career, no slogan could be more appropriate for our pesticide industry. I was recently reminiscing with my brother Bill, who has been in […] Read more