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Office space that works

Five steps to converting your office space into a productivity centre

Reading Time: 5 minutes During this stressful time of the COVID-19 pandemic, one place where we can exert some control in our lives is in our office space. As with anywhere else on the farm, if everything has a place, we feel more in control and more capable of taking what gets thrown at us. That’s the experience of […] Read more

Clutter Busting 101

These tips really will help you take charge of the stuff in your office, and in your life

Reading Time: 6 minutes Do you feel stressed by the clutter on your desk, the dining room table and the kitchen counter? Are you tired of tripping over things that “might come in handy” someday? Do you have a basement full of stuff that’s too valuable to throw away, but you can’t decide what to do with it? If […] Read more