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McCain’s one-year multi-species blend contains 13 species, including spring oats, balansa clover, Austrian winter peas and sunflower.

2 covers — 25 species

P.E.I. potato growers are exploring diverse approaches to solve their low organic matter levels with cover crops

Reading Time: 6 minutes Soil organic matter has become a popular topic of discussion in the past year. In Ontario, a report from late 2016 indicated soil organic matter (SOM) levels in many parts of the province are at 15-year lows, coinciding with increasing interest in the use of cover crops, reduced- or no-till management and longer rotations in […] Read more

Four ways to increase your organic matter

A question that I hear a lot is, “How do cover crops fit into a grain operation?” Lots of grain farmers have no desire to get into the livestock business and no interest in producing hay. But many have some soil issues that need to be addressed. This can be done by buying more iron[...]
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The SoilOne Report adds the means to determine biological activity in soil and to relate that to physical and chemical components.

Getting down to biology

Finally there may be a soil test to help you see your soil the way that your crop’s roots see it

Reading Time: 8 minutes Soil health is on everyone’s mind these days. Perhaps it’s tied to volatility in the commodity markets, or to the risk of consumer and government scrutiny. Or maybe more growers are interested in “doing things right.” No matter the cause, there’s a long list of farm professionals welcoming the trend with open arms. “Ultimately, the[...]
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“It’s a very, very diverse ecosystem, perhaps the most diverse ecosystem on Earth.” – Jim Germida, University of Saskatchewan

Going underground for soil ecology

Soil is far more than just dirt. Are you nurturing the organisms that help it grow great crops?

Reading Time: 5 minutes A warm, early-July breeze blew through a wheat field in northeastern Saskatchewan, not far from Nipawin. The heads had just emerged and were still green, but the field was taking on that fuzzy look that you typically get with a fresh, bearded cereal. This field was unusual, however, because even though you couldn’t see it,[...]
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Cover crops can be key to healthy soil

Starting out small and being flexible will improve your chance of success

Reading Time: < 1 minute The popularity of cover crops is growing and some farmers are discovering benefits of moisture retention, improved filtration, and increased organic matter for their efforts. But choosing the right cover crop and having the proper knowledge before you begin is important. We met with crop consultant Dan Towery at the recent OSCIA to hear his thoughts[...]
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