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Canada’s organic market to focus on special crops in 2016

Reading Time: < 1 minute CNS Canada — The spotlight is on special crops in Canada’s organic market, as new-crop bids for 2016 start to appear. “It’s a bit of a switch from normal,” said Laura Telford, organic sector development specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development at Portage la Prairie. Normally producers see high demand and prices for […] Read more

This farming couple needs no equipment

The Suhrs are making it pay to crop 7,000 acres with only a pickup. The rest is all custom

Reading Time: 6 minutes Some people look at conventional farming and organic production and they see oil and water. The two just were not made to mix. Not only are their production methods about as different as they can be, so too are their markets. Fiete Suhr assures anyone who holds that outlook that not only is it possible […] Read more

One emerging dynamic is that soybeans are replacing canola, especially in areas prone to wet conditions and flooding.

Are specialty crops poised to surge in Western Canada?

For a few years specialty crops were a tough sell to Prairie farmers. Now with lower grain prices, there’s a renaissance in interest

Reading Time: 5 minutes High grain prices send a very clear signal. Basically, it amounts to “get in while the getting’s good.” Nobody knows how long those high prices will last, and everyone is loathe to leave dollars on the table. In the field, it means a lot of inputs and crop protection products get applied where they might […] Read more

As the wind blows

Guide Legal: The legal implications of particle drift

Reading Time: 4 minutes In recent years, Canadian producers have significantly increased their use of genetically modified crops. At the same time, a growing number of farms are obtaining organic certification. The concurrent expansion of these two practices will almost inevitably lead to GM and organic fields being adjacent. What are the legal implications when GM products drift onto […] Read more