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Catherine Tarasoff says a good on-farm research project should require no specialized equipment beyond minor things like a kitchen scale or paper bags.

Can you perform your own on-farm research? Yes you can

If anything, research is simply improving on the understanding of the world around you

Reading Time: 7 minutes It’s never been easy to be a farmer, but now it’s even more complicated. Just add up the risks: skyrocketing land and equipment prices, increasingly demanding consumers, tightening markets, unreliable weather, growing trade uncertainty… Meanwhile, government agriculture research and extension dollars dwindle, leaving farmers more on their own to figure out how to respond to […] Read more

Agritruth’s Adam Gurr (l) and Stephen Vajdik hope to generate robust, field-scale data on everything from nutrient management to varieties and product testing.

Going big with on-farm research

The plots may be supersized, but the questions that privately owned Agritruth Research looks to answer could have come from any farmer in Western Canada

Reading Time: 6 minutes If you go driving down Highway 110 east of Brandon, Man., you probably won’t notice you’re passing a research farm. There are no chemical or seed company signs dotting the field edge, nor any grids of those tiny, distinct plots that are normally a dead giveaway that agricultural research is underway. There is no small-batch […] Read more

7 tips for on-farm research tests

Is that shiny new product likely to work on your farm? To separate the heifer dust from the cream of the crop, farmers need to take a hard look at the research behind the marketing claims. John Heard, soil fertility specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, says the best way to learn about good research “is to[...]
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