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Michael Brownbridge manages research in horticultural production systems at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. (John Greig photo)

Eggplant value chain project replaces most imports

Reading Time: 3 minutes Canadian-grown eggplant and okra have replaced about 800,000 kg of imports over the past several years, creating a research-to-grower-to-market success story. The Vineland Research and Innovation Centre has played a central role helping with research and bringing together the parts of the industry needed to create a food chain success. The eggplant and okra case […] Read more

Dr. Viliam Zvalo.

Making ethnic markets pay

In Toronto alone, consumers are buying $400 million a year of imported ethnic vegetables. Could it make sense to grow them here?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Edamame, okra, bitter melon, quinoa, Chinese long eggplant — all these are edible crops that you’d have had a hard time finding on the country’s store shelves 50 years ago, let alone growing in Canadian fields and greenhouses. They’re still crops that few Canadian farmers know about, and that even fewer have considered growing. But […] Read more

Eggplants and a wooden crate.

World crops

We used to call them ethnic crops, but the new name shows just how big the hottest trend in food is growing

Reading Time: 5 minutes The face of Canada is changing, and it may mean new market opportunities for farmers. According to the 2011 Canadian National Household Survey, one in five Canadians was born in another country. While in the past, newcomers had to adapt to traditional Canadian foods, increasing global trade means “new Canadians” are now able to source […] Read more