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Capture the off-farm bonus

Working off-farm before joining the family farm may never have been more valuable

Reading Time: 7 minutes Country Guide had a simple question to ask farmers who began their careers by working off-farm after graduation. Should today’s young farmers start the same way, with off-farm employment? The eager and unanimous “yes” is still echoing down the halls. But is it right? Or are they farmers only justifying the choice they made? Well, […] Read more

The McGregor family of Braeside, Ont.

One Ontario family’s joint path to farm succession

“Succession planning here is like hitting a moving target,” says Jim McGregor, but it’s also the family’s greatest opportunity

Reading Time: 8 minutes A mile from the Ottawa River, the McGregor family has lived and farmed, and they have loved and built for five generations, to the point where their produce business has mushroomed to 15 stands, a pick-your-own business and four farmers’ markets. Theirs is a story about embracing change, and about how, in the midst of […] Read more

Editor’s Desk: Test the next generation

Reading Time: 2 minutes I can’t help thinking we’d all be better off if some of those exuberant FCC T-shirts that shout “100% Farm Boy” or “Future Farmer” would curb their enthusiasm just a notch. Yes, it’s a great time in agriculture, all things considered, and yes, agriculture is a great place to be, but we should think twice […] Read more