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What do you do if a farmhand calls in sick? This is when having a well-trained workforce can go a long way to reducing confusion.

What’s your emergency plan?

It’s more than COVID-19. Here’s why having an emergency plan ready for action is more important — and more achievable — than ever

Reading Time: 10 minutes You can look at it as one of the good sides of COVID-19. It’s reminding all of us that emergencies do happen, they can come when you least expect them, and they can upset practically every part of your operation. Even before COVID-19, it was easy to find experts eager to tell us why we […] Read more

Guide HR: Are you stressed?

Guide HR: Are you stressed?

Reading Time: 3 minutes We’ve studied stress in the workplace for years to try to mitigate it. Organizations like Forbes and Careercast have even published their Top 10 lists of the most stressful jobs. The careers on these lists include firefighters, police, airline pilots, and surgeons, which makes sense because people in these jobs after all are responsible for […] Read more

A rally of 200 people at the legislature on Nov. 27 voicing their displeasure with Bill 6. A second demonstration three days later drew 1,000 people, prompting the NDP government to amend the bill.

The national cost of Alberta’s Bill 6

Farm outrage at the Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act may have already backfired

Reading Time: 5 minutes As 2015 came to a close, Canadians watched Alberta farmers hold massive rallies against legislation intended to improve farm safety. They listened to farmers raging against the costs Bill 6 would impose on their operations, with farmers saying the legislation will destroy family farms. They heard farmers complain they hadn’t been consulted in the drafting […] Read more