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The 4R program is intended to keep nutrients in the soil instead of leaching into nearby rivers and lakes.

Going forward with a 4R nutrient plan

Doing the right thing with nutrients can save money, boost yields and protect the environment

Reading Time: 5 minutes You’ve probably heard of it, and you might even be practising it. If so, you might want to advertise it to customers and the general public. If you’re not practising it, you may be missing an opportunity to save some money and gain some yield. “It” is Fertilizer Canada’s (FC) ‘4R’ Nutrient Stewardship. The program […] Read more

Cupping of soybean leaves is a clearly visible symptom of off-target movement of dicamba that resulted from inversion.

Soybeans, dicamba and you

New challenges are arising with new herbicide-resistant technologies and product blends

Reading Time: 4 minutes When new transgenic and herbicide-tolerant technologies arrive, they come with learning curves, some steeper than others. For Bt corn hybrids, for example, the curve was relatively flat, even if there had to be some serious thinking that about refuge planting. And in glyphosate- and glufosinate-tolerant soybean varieties, there may have been initial concerns about having […] Read more

The Wintex 2000 is popular in Western Canada but is now being replaced by Wintex 3000 units.

Advanced soil sampling

It’s time to get excited about soil testing again… seriously!

Reading Time: 6 minutes In many ways, a soil test represents an aspect of farming that is necessary yet unfairly and inaccurately viewed with about as much anticipation as filing an income tax return. Despite the fact that soil tests provide invaluable information and a potential road map for adding value to future crop plans, there isn’t an overall […] Read more

Manitoba pulls less-loved ag tax credits in budget

Reading Time: 3 minutes More funding for agriculture innovation in Manitoba’s latest provincial budget will be offset in part by an immediate end for several of the less popular tax credits available for farm use. Provincial Finance Minister Cameron Friesen on Tuesday laid out a 2017-18 budget with an overall $840 million deficit, based on a four per cent […] Read more

The big concern with nitrogen fertilizers begins with large, single, pre-plant applications that risk environmental loss.

20 questions for your N program

Start the discussion now, before heading to the field this spring

Reading Time: 6 minutes In the past 12 months, there have been plenty of discussions, presentations and stories in the farm media about fertilizer use. The topics have covered its many forms, its costs and volatility, sources and reserves, even perspectives on preparing to manage your fields with less. In the middle of the winter meeting season last year, […] Read more

The dirt on soil tests

With soil nutrient levels dropping, how do you need to change your soil-testing program and fertility rates?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Fewer farmers are sampling their soils. In Ontario, the numbers say fewer than 30 per cent of farmers test every three years, even though this trend is leading to a data gap at a time when everything else seems to be changing too, such as the rapid climb in yield potentials, and elite corn hybrids […] Read more

To sample, or not to sample (soil). Who’s right?

Some of your neighbours have stopped soil sampling. Others are sampling more than ever.

Reading Time: 5 minutes In any year, at most 10 per cent of the fields are soil sampled,” says Tom Jensen, a director in the North American program of the International Plant Nutrition Institute. “Some people say 20 per cent of farmers do some soil testing, but they may only do it every couple to three years.” Farm consolidation […] Read more

The crop production wheel

Reading Time: 2 minutes Two years ago in the September edition of Country Guide, we ran a sidebar about a “complete systems” approach to production agriculture, including the depiction of a “production wheel.” The image comes from Don Lobb, an advocate for improving soil health and tile drainage. He created the guideline in a circular or wheel configuration, and […] Read more

Farm business tax credits on tap in Manitoba budget

Reading Time: 2 minutes Expansions and extensions for tax credits of use to Manitoba farmers and small agribusinesses were laid out Thursday in the province’s latest budget. Finance Minister Greg Dewar’s plan calls for an expansion of the province’s small business venture capital tax credit, broadening its list of eligible businesses to include “non-traditional farming” ventures, as well as […] Read more

Those attending Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show got to see the Vogelsang unit up close.

A new era for manure?

European design promises to put more manure where it can push the throttle on crop yields

Reading Time: 9 minutes If you’ve been around livestock production for the past 20 years, the concept of using drag hoses to apply manure won’t strike you as anything so very new, yet the arrival of the Vogelsang dribble-bar application system with its precision distribution is generating a lot of interest and anticipation. The unit was on display at […] Read more