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CSTA welcomes its 66th president

Reading Time: < 1 minute Dan Wright, of Monsanto Canada, has been named the 66th President of the Canadian Seed Trade Association, the association says in a release. Wright has been involved with the CSTA for a number of years. In that time, he has served on the board of directors for two years and on the executive for three […] Read more

One emerging dynamic is that soybeans are replacing canola, especially in areas prone to wet conditions and flooding.

Are specialty crops poised to surge in Western Canada?

For a few years specialty crops were a tough sell to Prairie farmers. Now with lower grain prices, there’s a renaissance in interest

Reading Time: 5 minutes High grain prices send a very clear signal. Basically, it amounts to “get in while the getting’s good.” Nobody knows how long those high prices will last, and everyone is loathe to leave dollars on the table. In the field, it means a lot of inputs and crop protection products get applied where they might […] Read more

The DeKalb app demonstrates the trend that is expected to become industry-wide, with some easy-to-use functions that everyone can use, plus higher-end functions for keeners.

What’s next for crop apps?

We’ve come a long way, but there’s a lot further we can go

Reading Time: 6 minutes “There’s an app for that!” They’re among the most often heard words in this data-driven world of mobile devices and services. Yet with the launch of app after app, not to mention all the buzz about the Cloud, new questions are cropping up, including several that we might never have thought we’d be asking. Have we […] Read more