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Mom and Dad, what should you be looking for when the kids come home? Are you willing to let them make mistakes?

Up to the job

You’re home for the summer. Now, how are you going to show Mom and Dad that you’re a safe bet for taking over the farm?

Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s a phrase that means just what it says. Leadership succession is real, and it’s catching on. If your succession plan only looks at how the financial picture will unfold down the road, that’s not enough. Increasingly, it’s clear that it has to deal with who can handle what responsibilities too. Are your kids up […] Read more

The Millennials’ impact on agriculture is remarkable, and Statistics Canada shows their numbers are growing.

Pay your Millennials right

Too much? Too little? What’s the right compensation for the kids coming back to the farm?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Figuring how to compensate Millennials can be like driving through a snowstorm. You can’t see what’s ahead, there’s a very real possibility that you’ll hit the ditch. And yet you’ve got to get there. Country Guide caught up with New Brunswick farmer and consultant Cedric MacLeod as he was driving home through a snowstorm. At […] Read more

Danielle Lee.

The millennial question

Do millennials have the discipline it takes to deliver on their promise?

Reading Time: 6 minutes As chair of the Canadian Young Farmers’ Forum (CYFF), and as a millennial herself, Danielle Lee has heard all the stereotypes about millennial farmers, and she knows the challenges millennials face. Lee’s job is to speak out on behalf of young farmers, and to ensure they grow into a positive force in these trying times […] Read more

Millennials will work hard, Deal says, but they want their work to matter. Well-managed, they’re great on the farm.

The Millennial myth

It turns out the Boomers and Millennials aren’t so different, and they can form great teams

Reading Time: 4 minutes Every day we hear complaints about young people. We complain that they have a sense of entitlement. They aren’t motivated. They don’t have any loyalty to their employers… Not surprisingly, dozens of articles and books have also been written on how to reduce conflict between the generations. But are we making too much of generational […] Read more