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‘Soap opera’ prenups

Marriage agreements built on fairness can be a legitimate risk management tool

Reading Time: 7 minutes Picture this. The bride, decked out in finery, arrives at the church on the morning of her wedding. As she reaches the church doors, a man in a suit blocks her way. In his hand is a prenuptial agreement ensuring she has no rights to the property of the farmer she’s marrying. If she wants […] Read more

If your objective is to win the argument, it means you won’t be happy until your spouse loses, which is hardly a recipe for a happy life together.

Tips for handling conflict at home

In a dream world, couples would intuitively know how to handle conflict. In real life, these 15 rules are relationship savers

Reading Time: 4 minutes No matter how much you love someone, disagreements seem to be an unavoidable fact of life. Nowhere is this truer than on the family farm where the lines between business and personal relationships are blurred. The good news is that it’s possible to eliminate 50 per cent of that conflict through better communication, says London, […] Read more

Guide HR: When the in-laws cross the line

Reading Time: 4 minutes “You cannot imagine what it’s like to live close to your parents-in-law.” I often hear this from clients. But I can. When I was young, my brother and his wife were neighbours of the family home. As a farmer’s spouse, I lived across from my parents-in-law for 30 years. Eventually, I became a mother-in-law myself. […] Read more

No one wants to talk about divorce, but being realistic is being loving, farm lawyer Barrie Broughton tells his clients. “Marriage breakdown is always a possibility.”

Common-sense thoughts on divorce

Divorce doesn’t have to get ugly, or to destroy farms and people, but that’s what it’s doing to more farming couples

Reading Time: 8 minutes Divorce is one of the biggest threats to farm family legacy,” says Manitoba-based farm adviser and coach Elaine Froese. “We need to start talking more about how to prevent the breakups and create more makeups.” Farms and divorce can be a toxic mixture. Tradition, culture, religion, isolation, community gossip, strong families — they all come […] Read more

I do, and I don’t

Let’s agree. Prenuptial agreements will never be easy to talk about, but knowing the facts can help you get started

Reading Time: 9 minutes At a meeting this winter I sat down with a friendly group of farmers. The conversation turned from the weather to crop prices and slowly shifted into the personal, mostly about children. We shared our farms’ stories, our wins and our defeats. Then the man with tuffs of white hair beside me bent quietly toward […] Read more