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Cranberry beans made up a significant part of the 60,000 acres of coloured beans harvested in Ontario in 2016.

The challenge of edible beans

In this sector, if you’re going to grow them, you have to be prepared to grow them well

Reading Time: 6 minutes In a crop environment where low commodity prices and higher operating costs continue to challenge growers, there is often a time during late winter or early spring when some growers consider their cropping alternatives. Talk generally turns to oats or barley, identity preserved (IP) soybeans, perhaps even forages. And somewhere in the mix, edible beans […] Read more

Hanging out in Toronto and talking about pulses,” chef Michael Smith calls out to the city's food glitterati. “Who knew?”

Pulsing in downtown Toronto

To get Canada’s food elites excited about their farm products, Pulse Canada turns to three high-octane city buzzes... celebrities, glamour and nightlife

Reading Time: 6 minutes The presentations begin. A woman takes the stage in the middle of the long, narrow, high-ceilinged room. Across from her, two slide shows project on the wall. On the left screen is a combine working in a large, flat field; on the right, gourmet food. The room hushes as Allison Ammeter, chair of the Alberta […] Read more