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Last Will and Testament

Estate planning and the legal system: Part I

Guide Legal: What if your wishes collide with public policy?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Parents often use wills to control the lifestyle choices of their children. The courts have long recognized the freedom of an individual to bestow his or her property in a will. However, this freedom is restricted by certain public policy rules that guard against the disposition of property in a manner that is contrary to […] Read more

When the SPCA comes knocking

Understanding your rights and duties

Reading Time: 3 minutes Recent media coverage of alleged abuse at Chilliwack Cattle Sales in B.C. has sparked questions about an owner’s obligations when dealing with animal abuse investigators. What are your rights and responsibilities when an investigator arrives at your doorstep? Inspector powers Animal cruelty is prohibited under the Criminal Code, which applies across Canada. In practice, most […] Read more

farmer thinking

Editor’s Desk: Our farm advisers can do better

Many farmers are frustrated by the conflicting advice they get from different channels

Reading Time: 2 minutes There’s no question that much of the progress that farmers have made in the past five years has come from the quality of advice they have received. It’s impossible to weave an accurate statistical story of the progress agriculture has made since the bull market began in 2007, but I’m convinced that most farmers have […] Read more

Situations may arise where an employee has not done anything to merit being fired, but the relationship simply no longer works.

Abiding by the rules if you need to fire an employee

Guide Legal: It's best to understand not only the law, but its principles

Reading Time: 3 minutes The best “strategic business thinking” requires not only knowing the law, but also understanding the policies behind it. Many readers will have had to terminate an employee. In this article, I discuss the principles behind the rules for termination “without cause,” that is, where an employee has not done anything that merits being fired, but […] Read more

Meeting your legal obligations if your farm is incorporated

Meeting your legal obligations if your farm is incorporated

Guide Legal: When businessmen become directors

Reading Time: 4 minutes When a business transitions from a sole proprietorship or partnership to a corporation, the move requires a shift in how decisions are made. In particular, making decisions solely as a businessman (or woman, of course) is different from making decisions as a corporate director, so it is important to know how directors’ decisions will be […] Read more